• It's not a question, in other words, of poetry or of a novel being somehow or another strictly a matter of poetic language.


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  • You need a functional form that connects the value at one state of matter, the freezing point of water to another phase change, the boiling point of water.


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  • As a matter of convention and good style which is another theme of the course that we'll focus more - on on Friday onward, it's generally good to-- good style to actually describe in English even succinct English, what your program is doing.


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  • We die while it's still the case that living another ten years or twenty years or for that matter five hundred years-- would still or could still have been good for us.


    耶鲁公开课 - 死亡课程节选

  • No matter what its constitution was, no matter how these differed from one another, the idea was that the state has to make good men and that for a city to be good, the men must be good.


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  • And what would I have to do for those groups to matter such that, for instance, if I separate you in one group and you're in another group and I give you a hundred dollars will you give the money more to him or to him, will you give it more to your own group or to another group?


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