• For all the talk of the distinctiveness of regional identity, there are also fierce internal rivalries.

    ECONOMIST: The North-East

  • We are able to create our own sense of distinctiveness, trust and confidence.

    FORBES: What's Your Personal Brand?

  • In doing so, he leaves the reader with a clear picture of Brazil's distinctiveness, and of its successes and failures.

    ECONOMIST: A hard nut to crack

  • This was the attitude of British governments to Scotland and the threat it implied to the survival of Scottish national distinctiveness.

    ECONOMIST: Sir Walter Scott

  • The distinctiveness of the Chechens is the most notable fact about them.

    ECONOMIST: Russia and Chechnya

  • Some families prefer to take their children out of school after six or seven years, not wanting them to lose their gypsy distinctiveness.

    ECONOMIST: Gypsies in America

  • Custom-builts approach the power and speed of racers, but, as one-of-a-kinds, they also reflect the distinctiveness and eccentricities of the builder and the owner.

    FORBES: Hooligan Chic

  • Khachkar craftsmanship is transmitted through families or from master to apprentice, teaching the traditional methods and patterns, while encouraging regional distinctiveness and individual improvisation.

    UNESCO: Culture

  • Over golf and dinner in the weeks before Calgary, he had lobbied most of the nine to call for constitutional recognition of Quebec's distinctiveness.

    ECONOMIST: Canada—well, most of it—tries again

  • Fortunately, the wine market is bursting at the seams with bargains--you don't really have to compromise to stay stocked up on affordable bottles of pleasure and distinctiveness.

    FORBES: Forget the price tag-- you'll love what's in the bottle.

  • Harvard Square, for instance, where chain stores like The Gap are thriving and rents climbing, may have lost much of its distinctiveness but remains as vibrant as ever.

    ECONOMIST: Rent control

  • Would we trade our distinctiveness for a chance at normalcy?

    NPR: Sparse Melodies and Six Golden Eggs

  • One manifestation of this distinctiveness is the persistence of insurgencies.

    ECONOMIST: India’s north-east

  • But like any other groups, their distinctiveness is being eroded.

    ECONOMIST: The tragedy of Elian

  • Nicholas Falk of the Urban and Economic Development Group, a consultancy, argues that the most important things small towns can do are to improve their shops and to emphasise their distinctiveness.

    ECONOMIST: Small towns

  • Some think that the South is losing its distinctiveness.

    ECONOMIST: Baby, look at you now

  • "The inference was that the FDA may be changing its policy and requiring superiority or distinctiveness for new drugs coming to a market that is already crowded, " says Jeffrey Lieberman, chairman of psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Center.

    FORBES: Pharmaceuticals

  • And courts have sometimes failed to properly apply the legal requirements for trademarks, choosing to base their decisions on the outstanding celebrity and unique recognition of fictional characters, or lack thereof, instead of focusing on their inherent distinctiveness and ability to act as a single source identifier for the applicable goods or services.

    FORBES: Protecting Fictional Characters: Could You Legally Write A New Harry Potter Novel?

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