• The suspect's identity was subject to a police spot-check in 2009, when he took part in a street prayer, a public display of faith that was often regarded as a violation of laws separating church and state before it was banned in 2011.

    WSJ: French Police Detain Man in Probe of Attack on Soldier

  • The Commission has hired an army of video photographers to gather evidence of any violation of these laws, which would mean disqualification of involved candidates.


  • And is she raising money from organizations she regulates, in violation of ethics laws?

    WSJ: Lamar Alexander: Kathleen Sebelius, Meet Oliver North

  • The unions are also protesting against price rise, inflation and alleged violation of labour laws.

    BBC: India man loses ear during strike violence

  • Americans concluded that widespread violation of prohibition laws demonstrated that too much restrictiveness can also undermine the rule of law.

    FORBES: The Republican Party Needs A Reset On Immigration

  • It's a violation of securities laws for Kivisto to hide huge undisclosed trading losses while soliciting additional financing for the company.


  • All the same, it certainly does not appear to be anything in violation of any laws or afoul of Western customs.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • Blumenthal, who hasn't yet issued any lawsuits in the case, says that the IDSA's guidelines may be in violation of antitrust laws.

    FORBES: Lyme Inc.

  • Nor even that it is possible to extract as useful work all the energy in gasoline or any other possible violation of the laws of thermodynamics.

    FORBES: One Gallon of Gas Can Charge an iPhone for 20 Years

  • Iran last week condemned what it also says was an Israeli airstrike on Khartoum, and it called the strike a clear violation of international laws, according to the news agency.

    CNN: Report: Iranian warships dock in Sudan in show of support

  • The fight appears headed to the courts, with players soon to be armed with a newly dissolved union will argue that the lockout is now illegal, a violation of antitrust laws.

    FORBES: NBA Season on the Brink

  • Thankfully the SEC encourages whistleblowers to first report the alleged violation of securities laws internally before reporting to the SEC, and the SEC may consider whether the whistleblower actually did so in determining the amount of the bounty.

    FORBES: Top 4 Stupid Reasons CEOs Get Sued -- Don't Let These Happen To You

  • Americans concluded that widespread violation of prohibition laws (not just statutes, but an actual part of the Constitution) was evidence that the law was too strict and that laws like prohibition which are so onerous that otherwise law-abiding citizens broke them, undermine the rule of law.

    FORBES: Earth To Conservatives: Immigrant Amnesty Is A Conservative Policy

  • He warned the lists might constitute a violation of election laws. (Such civil action is legal until election campaigning formally starts, which is June 12.) The New Komeito party, a coalition partner of the LDP, sent Wave 21 a note hinting it may file a defamation suit.

    CNN: From Our Correspondent: A Gift From Korea

  • Carroll Hubbard Jr. of Kentucky, a onetime president of the class, would lose his primary in 1992 and later go to prison for misuse of office staff, violation of federal election laws and obstruction of justice.

    CNN: By Ronald D. Elving, CQ Staff Writer

  • At the end of 2007, more than 7 million Americans were behind bars, on probation, or on parole, many whose initial violation of the drug laws spiraled into a life of crime.

    FORBES: Is Drug War Driven Mass Incarceration the New Jim Crow?

  • Later, Inspector General Glenn Fine and his investigators discovered at least 17 other documents loaded with top secret signal information and code words that Gonzales had mishandled in violation of Justice Department rules and potentially in violation of federal criminal laws.

    NPR: Report: Ex-AG Gonzales Mishandled Classified Info

  • He said he would plead guilty to sending the documents to Wikileaks in violation of military regulations but would not plead guilty to a violation of federal espionage laws.

    BBC: Bradley Manning pleads guilty to some Wikileaks charges

  • Oneida-Herkimer, a case on the same constitutional issue, the Court determined laws that don't discriminate against private industry should also not be considered in violation of interstate commerce laws.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • In 2002, Germany approved the Codes of Conduct under International Law -- a statute that allows the German Federal Prosecutor to investigate and prosecute crimes constituting a violation of international human rights laws -- irrespective of the location of the defendant or plaintiff, the place where the crime was carried out, or the nationality of the persons involved.

    CNN: The insider's guide to putting world leaders on trial

  • They also allegedly removed confidential data, which is considered a violation of state secrecy laws.

    CNN: Former Milosevic allies jailed

  • " He added that any attempts to impose a broader fishing halt "may be in violation of federal antitrust laws.

    WSJ: Lobster Glut Slams Prices

  • The investigation focused on a violation of federal tax laws intended to prevent tax-exempt borrowers, like PHEAA, from profiting from bond proceeds.

    FORBES: IRS Taps Student Loan Agencies

  • So are Dimon, and then CFO, Douglas Braunstein (and current vice chairman) in violation of numerous securities laws by misleading investors in April 2013?

    FORBES: Jamie Dimon's Five Stages Of Grief

  • At another, more fundamental level, a decision to charge Google with a violation of the antitrust laws would have far-reaching effects beyond the case at hand.

    FORBES: Google And The FTC's Investigation: A Cautionary Tale

  • But, in violation of their own laws and regulations, they have imposed pain and suffering beyond my endurance -- pain and suffering resembling those of a person who is crucified for weeks or buried alive.


  • Instead, the DOL proposal would require employers to publicly disclose sensitive personal and business information of current and prospective employees and clients, against federal agency recommendations on data privacy and potentially in violation of state privacy laws and private contracts.

    FORBES: Department of Labor Threatens Personal and Commercial Privacy

  • Although in almost any other industry, such a cartel, operating out in the open, would be a per se violation of the antitrust laws, no one has directly challenged the NCAA front-and-center on whether this aspect of the cartel is illegal.

    FORBES: National Letter of Indenture: Why College Athletes are Similar to Indentured Servants of Colonial Times

  • Though we have said it over and over again, let us reiterate once more: The actions of these men were in absolute and supreme violation of God's laws, and Islam does not condone unmitigated violence of any kind.

    CNN: Islam key to Afghan Dream

  • In April last year David Turpin, a member of Washington State University's track squad who was attending the school on a partial scholarship, was arrested and charged with a felony violation of Washington's gambling laws after an undercover agent witnessed him hosting games of Texas Hold 'Em in his apartment and taking 10% of the pots as his fee.

    FORBES: Busted

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