• Theoretically, Bonfield has clean hands and has no reason to string investors along or to make promises he cannot keep.

    FORBES: Bristol's Big Tease

  • So it looks as though we can all expect to carry on getting these calls - and will have to choose to ignore them, or perhaps string them along for a while to waste their time.

    BBC: A phone call for Mr Sellan

  • Many Pakistani analysts suspect India of wanting to string Pakistan along, discussing relatively minor disputes, and making progress on improving transport, economic, cultural and other links, while refusing to engage on the core issue of Kashmir.

    ECONOMIST: Talking it over | The

  • There are a string of museums along Lexington Rd, southeast of Concord centre, including the homes of local authors Ralph Waldo Emerson and Louisa May Alcott.

    BBC: Historical day trips from Boston

  • It might string the world along, extort as much food and diplomatic capital as it can only to throw out the inspectors and test a bomb.

    ECONOMIST: North Korea��s nuclear weapons

  • Though he didn't gussy up his music, he knew how to keep people engrossed all the same: A master of stride and boogie and bebop, he'd string his listeners along just by dancing around the theme, and then at just the right moment, he'd lower the boom, delivering a line so dazzlingly improbable that the common response was a gasp.

    NPR: A Jazz Genius Goofs Off

  • Apple seems to be bringing along a string of executives who could, if necessary, one day lead the company.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Further north, a string of villages huddles along cliffs reached by a quiet loop off the main highway to the Romanian border.

    BBC: The Black Sea by Moskvitch

  • Borthwick, 30, has to make do with a place in the second-string Saxons squad, along with two British and Irish Lions - wing Ugo Monye and hooker Lee Mears - and six other players demoted from the senior squad.

    BBC: Ex-England captain Steve Borthwick out of elite squad

  • Along with a string of heart drug failures, it could make investors doubt the prospects for cholesterol medicines in clinical trials, making it harder for drug companies to finance new research in heart disease.

    FORBES: Why Merck's Niacin Failure Will Scare Drug Researchers

  • Along with a string of promises to buy a house in Lampedusa, build a golf course and plant trees (he has not yet done any of these), he did promise to send large ships to remove migrants to the mainland.

    BBC: Italy's Lampedusa left in crisis after Arab Spring

  • Yet, the Galleon trial, now in its sixth week, continues to fascinate me as the defense attempts to refute the mounds of taped evidence that the prosecution presented, along with a string of cooperating witnesses who testified that they broke the law by providing Raj Rajaratnam with insider information.

    FORBES: If The Galleon Trial Were A Law And Order Episode, Who Would Star?

  • Seau was one of a string of NFL players -- along with Dave Duerson, Shane Dronett and Ray Easterling -- who took their own lives and were later diagnosed with CTE.

    CNN: January 24, 2013 -- Updated 1044 GMT (1844 HKT)

  • Some analysts say the Kenyan government wants to establish a buffer zone along its border with Somalia following a string of attacks blamed on the al-Qaeda linked al-Shabab group.

    BBC: Kenyan soldiers in Liboi (file photo)

  • Seau was one of a string of high-profile NFL players -- along with Dave Duerson, Shane Dronett and Shane Easterling -- who took their own lives and were later diagnosed with CTE.

    CNN: January 23, 2013 -- Updated 2220 GMT (0620 HKT)

  • This wire draws down "electrical fire" from the clouds, the charge being conducted earthward along the kite's rain-soaked string.

    FORBES: Founding Fraudster?

  • On Lastovo island, Croatia, conservationists and local government have set up the first in a string of marine protection areas that will form a "blue corridor" along the Dalmation coast, an area expected to be one of the hottest new holiday destinations over the next 15 years.

    BBC: Med threat from 'concrete coasts'

  • To speed those tasks along, CPUs are built with onboard memory to store the next string of commands to be carried out.

    FORBES: Shoot To Kill

  • Heading west from Dar es Salaam, the road traverses the Ruvu River, tracks along the base of the Uluguru Mountains and meanders through sisal plantations and a string of small villages.

    BBC: Tanzania��s alternative to the Serengeti

  • Wineries are clustered along the length of the 132-mile long Okanagan Valley, which has a string of lakes running through its middle and is surrounded by mountains on either side.

    BBC: Canada��s wine scene is taking root

  • Jorgenson, along with former Byrds guitarist Chris Hillman, founded the Desert Rose Band, which had a string of hit country songs in the '80s.

    NPR: John Jorgenson Quintet On Mountain Stage

  • Still, nothing could dampen the thrilling views on the west and north sides of the building (especially from the 2, 000-plus-square-foot Kohinoor Suite), which take in the entirety of the Queen's Necklace, the stretch of Marine Drive running along the city's Back Bay that, when lit up, truly resembles a vast string of pearls--one of the urban wonders of the world.

    FORBES: The Oberoi, Mumbai

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