looking out 远望

looking for 寻找

  • President Obama, I think, recognized that and has said that there are other people in this administration looking at those questions.


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  • So what we see is, again perfectly reasonable statistical techniques, but not looking at things in the right way.


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  • Their argument is that it's not just that consciousness doesn't clearly understand what it's looking at and is therefore alienated from it.


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  • For a few weeks, I was able to recognize that people weren't looking at me as African American or black.


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  • So we left off last time with looking at a bit of coding and teasing you with the upcoming problem set.


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  • But you notice up here how close these levels are, so we are looking at very, very fine distinctions.


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  • And that's what led us to a number of results to determine what quantities we even need to be looking at.


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  • So hopefully you're convinced that your predictions worked well and you are able to predict what's going on when you're looking at the photoelectric effect.


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  • So we're constantly looking at, "Hey, if we were redoing this thing from the start, there's a whole bunch of things we would do differently.


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  • Look at line number four, which is so clearly -- simply by looking at this, you can tell it's deficient in the number of syllables.


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  • Other studies, some of them-- Well, here's another study by Rene Baillargeon looking at the same thing in a different way.


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  • When we finished last time, we were looking at John Stuart Mill's attempt to reply to the critics of Bentham's Utilitarianism.


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  • However,that's not looking at the individuals because while many of them are the same, not all are the same.


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  • Now,looking at the situation from the outside, Shelly Kagan we might be unable to tell which one is really Shelly Kagan.


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  • That's going to lead us very nicely into an understanding of the laws that mark off Israel's status and keep Israel distinct among the nations, which we'll be looking at on Wednesday.


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  • If Haze is busy looking at something, what he's looking at is manifestly not the person in front of him.


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  • And we're going to do this initially by looking at a straightforward implementation based upon what's called the decision tree.


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  • We're looking for trends. Obviously, if your aggregate score is 75, you're passed.But, 0 I'm looking at what's going on in the vicinity of 50 because I don't think my point scheme is that accurate.


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  • For example, with neon we can think about all of the different orbital energies we could be looking at.


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  • How did that change happened, was that always there, were you always looking at how did this thought affect the way we actually live our lives?


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  • So, what we're looking at here is the force when we have two charged particles, one positive one negative -- here, the nucleus and an electron.


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  • So hopefully, it was a time issue in terms of looking at the periodic table, because let's have you tell me what are we looking for here?


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  • Also, when we're looking at the Schrodinger equation, it allows us to explain a stable hydrogen atom, which is something that classical mechanics did not allow us to do.


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  • Helmets, roll bars, caution flags... I like the fresh air... and looking at the poor people in the infield.


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  • You can't know just by looking at a pattern or a distribution or result whether it's just or unjust.


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  • And I'm sure you can imagine that if you want to label onw protein green and one red and one yellow, now you can start looking at really complex biological processes.


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  • So, for example, if we were looking at the actual wave function, we would say that these parts here have a positive amplitude, and in here we have a negative amplitude.


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  • And I'll also remind you, and we're going to see this in the next example, we talked about looking at the worst case behavior. In these cases there's no best case worst case, it's just doing one computation.


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  • And what we've been talking about with all of these properties are, of course, how can we figure out what that is for a certain atom by looking at the periodic table, so we want to think about the periodic trend for atomic radius.


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  • When we're looking at a painting of a naked body we don't say, "Oh, that's a naked body."


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