• So when I get back, I associate the flag with a very negative, that was the yonder side of American democracy.


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  • People in the United States seem quite familiar with Jamaican culture, especially with its flag.


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  • You know, my great uncle had been lynched and they wrapped his body with the US flag hanging from a tree.


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  • If you would like to flag them as private, because you just don't want your classmates to see what you're asking, you can certainly do that.


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  • I see a lot of products that have the colors of the Jamaican flag.


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  • But it's worth taking a moment to flag the fact that there are people, there are philosophers, who think we can generalize across all humans.


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  • When people today for example refer to flag burning as a desecration as desecrating the flag they are speaking ! the language of impiety right.


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  • They then use the toilet to clean the flag.


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  • I play flag football over on the courts. That's a lot of fun.


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  • And,so,they proposed a deal, why don't you be king until you croak-- they didn't put it quite like that-- and then the Orleanists will take over with the red, white and blue flag?


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  • As I said the other day if that Confederate flag would just go away, just vanish, just stick it in the basement of museums and no one would ever care about it anymore, maybe, maybe the South's burden would go away.


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  • I was kicked out of school when I was in third grade for refusing to salute the flag.


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  • So now, if I click the green flag, the program seems broken or--I don't know.


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  • But just so you've been teased with them, "-ggdb" is a flag that's going to enable what are going to be called "debugging symbols."


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  • So that is a flag that tells the compiler that I want to use or link into my own program code that someone else wrote that lives somewhere else on the system whose moniker is CS50.


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  • But a lot of you did realize you can have multiple one green flag clicked scripts and so you can factor things out to have different sorts of roles; so same idea here, even though in scratch you can not call functions that you yourself wrote.


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  • Well, you can specify what's called a switch or a flag.


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  • So let's go ahead and click the green flag.


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  • Go ahead and click the green flag.


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  • No harm would be done if we call it a mind, though the reason I will typically talk about a soul is to try to flag the crucial point of the dualist view.


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  • Then there's a long list: "masturbation, homosexuality, sexual abstinence, polygamy, abortion, circumcision, corporal punishment, capital punishment, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, capitalism, democracy, flag burning, miniskirts, long hair, no hair, blah blah, parents and children sleeping in the same bed, parents and children not sleeping in the same bed, women being allowed to work, women not being allowed to work.


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  • > So this thing here, when green flag clicked say, oh, hi world, this was perhaps the simplest program we could write in Scratch.


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  • > Yeah, so when green flag clicked, and that's kind of the very explicit way of saying when you start this program by clicking in the green flag, here is what's gonna get executed first.


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  • I just want to flag the thought that you can be the very same hunk of stuff, even if some of the constituent atoms have changed along the way.


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  • But whoa, there is an American flag."


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  • which isn't in the flag, but you see that a lot.


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  • It's a little puzzle piece that says when the green flag is clicked and this is kind ; of like the beginning of a program; when you double click an icon on your desktop this is how something like that is implemented; it's listening for that double click, it's listening for that green flag.


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  • It doesn't mean that they grew up south of the Mason-Dixon Line or wave a certain kind of flag or--but the older term for it was "stooge."


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red flag n. 红旗;危险信号;[喻]惹人生气的事物

national flag n. 国旗

white flag 白旗(表示投降);降旗

under the flag of 受…保护,站在…一边  

yellow flag 黄色旗;检疫旗;[植]黄菖蒲

blue flag 蓝旗;蓝菖蒲;蓝鸢尾

flag of truce 白旗,休战旗

flag day n. 美国国旗纪念日(六月十四日)

flag state 船旗国;标记状态

with flags flying 得胜地,征服者似的,得意洋洋地  

flag of distress 求救旗号

show the flag [ 口语] , ◎(英国船只)打着英国皇家海军旗帜到外国港口巡视访问;显示军事力量 , ◎露面,亮相  

hoist the flag 升旗表示占领新发现的土地  

keep the flag flying ◎[口语]不屈服,坚持战斗;继续坚持自己的意见(或想法) , ◎(尤指在国外时)为自己的国家感到自豪  

flag down 打信号使停下

flag pole 旗杆

black flag 黑旗(表示囚犯已被处决);海盗旗;黑旗令(赛车可能有故障)

quarantine flag n. 黄色检疫旗(表示船上未发生疾病的旗帜)

flag of convenience 方便旗(指商船为逃税而向别国注册并挂该国旗帜)

wave the flag 激起爱国热情  

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