describe with 用…描述

describe as v. 描述为

  • If I wanted you to care about an animal, I would do well to describe it as if it were human.


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  • because what you have to do is you have to describe it to the person you're talking to.


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  • There's got to be something back there, so we're going to call it "the unconscious" and we're going to try to describe it.


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  • If it's an equilibrium system, then thermodynamics can describe it.


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  • And talk about it and describe it to you along each one of the five dimensions we've laid out in the beginning.


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  • The reason that we do this is because this is another way to completely describe it.


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  • So, if I wanted to cause you to feel moral concern for a fetus, I would do well to describe it as a pre-born child.


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  • Electrophoresis is described in the chapter here, I'll just describe it briefly.


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  • I guess it is a way to describe it of the pyramids in Egypt, so they had a lot of ancient Egyptian artifacts.


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  • You live in a dorm. Could you describe it for us?


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  • That's how this advertisement represents critics, even though it also invokes critics to describe what's powerful about the novel.


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  • And the idea behind recursion I'm going to describe with a simple example. And then I'm going to show you how we can actually use it.


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  • It's not something that you can either explain in word or describe.


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  • Homer and Virgil and, well after them, Dante and innumerable others have all applied the simile of the leaves or some version of it to describe the numberless-ness of the dead.


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  • Well, actually, the first remark is, probably wouldn't be completely accurate to say, to describe these views as saying, " "It's being alive per se."


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  • As a matter of convention and good style which is another theme of the course that we'll focus more - on on Friday onward, it's generally good to-- good style to actually describe in English even succinct English, what your program is doing.


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  • We have a couple of passages, one in the book of Numbers, one in the book of Job, which describe this condition in a way that identifies it with death. An aborted fetus is often not often, it happens once in the book of Job.


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  • We don't have to make up our minds in advance whether it was a real world or a completely fantastic one, but at least let's see if we can describe what world it looks like.


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  • You can use it to describe or to ask questions about distance, about a length of something.


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  • Not only did we figure out a way to describe how we quantify it, but we've also quantified how we tell the difference between covalent and ionic, and percent ionic character.


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  • Is it unfair or unreasonable to describe this class, ? as Aristotle might, as a natural aristocracy?


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  • You can't come up with a number to describe the twenty-five standard deviation event; it's just too large a number, I think, for any of us to really comprehend.


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  • People who did well in the Midterm would describe it in terms of their capacities or abilities.


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  • So, now that we've got a system, we've got to describe it.


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  • So if, in fact, we want to describe a wave function, we know that we need to describe it in terms of all three quantum numbers, and also as a function of our three positional factors, which are r, the radius, phi plus the two angles, theta and phi.


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  • So the state variables describe the equilibrium's state and they don't care about how this state got to where it is.


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  • And then-- well,we'll at least try to describe it this way--he wakes up.


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  • It's what we probably all have heard about and something that I will briefly try to describe, what's called the hermeneutic circle.


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  • And I want to describe both the syntax, what we're doing, and then the semantics of how do we use it and what does that mean.


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  • Okay, now let's make this first battle I'm going to describe for you to be as clear cut as we can make it, and it probably never was like that.

    好的 现在,让我们打响第一场战斗,我们做得尽量简洁些,也许事实上的战斗并非是这样

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