• (Speaking in French) Boisserie argues the government is focusing too narrowly on the elite grandes ecoles, which account for just a small slice of French university graduates.

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  • I'm not picking not just the current slice or the current stage of the car but the entire extended-through-time object.


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  • Before eating the last slice, you could check with your friends to make sure it's alright for you to delve in.


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  • The sun is straight above. Sailboats slice the water.

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  • When I refer to my car as opposed to what we could doubt: the car stage or the car slice.


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  • What we're saying is we could take a tiny slice of that, 0.05 percent,which could raise hundreds of billions of dollars to help for poverty in rich countries, jobs in the U.S.,jobs in the UK, but also for poverty in Africa as a result of people dying because of the economic crisis."

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  • Now how about the next slice after that?


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  • And I can obviously do the other direction which is I can say skip to index 2 and all the remaining pieces. This lets me slice out, if you like, the front part or back part or a middle part of the tuple as I go along.


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  • And after that happened we just took a slice.


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  • And you're still hungry but there's only one slice of pizza left.


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  • The grains in the orange side you're supposed to be eating more of those than what might be a smaller slice of the pie here, or the triangle.


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  • and then you apply, you slice it up and you apply HTML and CSS,


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  • That car stage or that car slice if we want to talk about that way it has only been around for however long months, years, a year.


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  • Or to put it in terms of stages, that person's got to be--that stage, that slice has to be part of the very same extended-through-time space-time worm as this stage is.


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  • Good. To rule out the second slice, I need to be rational myself, and I need to know that others are rational.


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  • We'd like to be able to slice them.


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  • So I would help myself to this language of space-time worm object that extends not only over space but also over time, and distinguish the entire worm from the various slices or stages that either make up the worm or we could slice the worm into.


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  • But the second slice, strategies 45 through 67, getting rid of those strategies involves a little bit more.


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  • So to use an analogy that I think that David Kaplan, a philosopher of UCLA offers you've to think it more like a bologna or salami that you can slice.


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  • Is it okay if I eat the last slice of pizza?


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  • So to get this slice, this next slice here, I need rationality; as some of you know that's widely criticized in the social sciences these days.


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  • However, the next slice down requires more than just rationality.


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  • By the next slice down we'll be able to eliminate what is it about 20 and above, so 30 down to above 20, and this will be an 'in shoes, in shoes, in shoes'.


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  • To get this slice I need rationality, I need knowledge of rationality, let's call that KR and I need knowledge of knowledge of rationality.


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a slice of 一片,一份

thin slice 薄片

slice of bread 面包片

time slice 时间片;时间片段;时间区分

slice off v. 切开;割掉

tissue slice 组织切片

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