• Werner Herzog's movie "Grizzly Man" tells about the bear expert Timothy Treadwell who lived with and studied bears in the state of Alaska.

    VOA: special.2009.03.25

  • This seems a little weird, but bear with me for second, in fact, I've given you a little piece a code to do it, which is the next piece of code on the hand out.


    麻省理工公开课 - 计算机科学及编程导论课程节选

  • This is a tough exercise especially for guys, but please bear with me.


    哈佛公开课 - 幸福课课程节选

  • "If we are asked to bear the burden, we should also be given the chance to engage effective dialogue with Iran.

    VOA: standard.2010.07.26

  • It runs about bearly four minutes so bear with me here.


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  • The bear he says brings that message home. "It gives people an opportunity to connect with literally the processes that are going on up on the sea ice of the Arctic Ocean around the North Pole which is melting,"

    VOA: standard.2009.12.13

  • And so he's able to bear a rich extensive body of materials to talk about Shakespeare with the students.


    麻省理工公开课 - 媒体、教育、市场课程节选

  • A recent progress report on HIV/AIDS says Botswana is one of the nine Southern African countries that continue to bear the global burden of HIV/AIDS, with each country having an adult prevalence of more than 10 percent. The government's national AIDS control program has boosted testing,prevention and treatment efforts.

    VOA: standard.2010.05.10

  • I will come down and speak with you there, ; and I will draw upon the spirit that is on you and put it upon them; they shall share the burden of the people with you, and you shall not bear it alone.


    耶鲁公开课 - 旧约导论课程节选

  • It's a grave responsibility to bear, which President Bush I thought bore with great sensitivity and dignity.


    普林斯顿公开课 - 国际座谈会课程节选

  • Now--it's important to bear in mind that this view is perfectly compatible with being a physicalist, after all we're not saying that in order to have personalities you need to have something not unphysical.


    耶鲁公开课 - 死亡课程节选

  • Also according to the Nuzi texts, if a wife is barren, she is to provide a maidservant as a substitute to bear her husband's children. And this is something that happens with three out of the four matriarchs, who are afflicted with infertility: Sarah, Rachel and Leah.


    耶鲁公开课 - 旧约导论课程节选

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