• "These are the habitats that provide really valuable places for the fish to get together, to aggregate,to spawn, so they are the bases of the fisheries."

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  • If you have a large number of atoms in an aggregate, it is going to require that the substance turn solid and condense at room temperature.


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  • Well, it can only be true if security selection and market timing detract from institutional returns or individual returns in the aggregate.


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  • And particularly labor market numbers, unemployment, and unemployment lags recovery - so even when an aggregate recovery starts, those numbers are not going to turn around immediately.

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  • But remember, the libertarian theory says we can't just add up an aggregate preferences and satisfactions that way.


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  • One of the things that a lot of observers have been concerned about is the fact that there could be a change in tactics away from the kind of spectacular and very difficult operations to conduct to operations that could be launched in far greater numbers and might have less individual impact but which in the aggregate could sow a great deal of terror.

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  • These other instruments are filling in these things at various spots to produce this aggregate of the chord.


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  • But the problem is I wasn't taking any kind of aggregate view.


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  • The homework portion of your total grade is the aggregate of all of those weekly test scores.


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  • It is an aggregate of four polar bonds, but they are symmetry arranged in space.


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  • You look at the returns that are reported for hedge funds in aggregate--they're generally 12%,13%,14% per year for the last five or ten years.


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  • Is it possible to aggregate all values to translate them into dollar terms?


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  • And once again we, our ears,hear this aggregate of sound and then we say, "Oh,it's got that,that,that,that," and we extrapolate out of that information that it is this particular chord.


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  • So,we're talking about a group of funds that in aggregate probably produced somewhere in the low teens returns and he's got 11.7% per year combined survivorship bias and backfill bias.


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  • I have the freedom to pass that person because I like the trend. Suppose I have somebody else who came here with two years of chemistry in high school, got a 95 on the first test, 70 on the second test, failed the third test, failed the final, has an aggregate score of 48.


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  • So when we hear any particular sound, again, we're hearing an amalgam of many sounds, and the importance of each of these partials in the aggregate of sound is what gives it its particular color.


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  • French horn, yeah,but notice that if we take this aggregate-- and we're back to that same idea of the octave,the fifth,the fourth and the third, sort of,so it's again sort of primordial, this particular acoustical basis of so much of music.


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  • So, it's not surprising that asset allocation explains more than 100% of returns and that, for the community as a whole, market timing and security selection are costly and lower the community's aggregate investment returns.


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  • Well, realize one of the themes in this course and really one of the themes in programming and solving any problem with a machine is going to be really to just take small bites one at a time out of these problems until the end result ultimately is that you've actually bitten off a fairly large fairly interesting problem and in the aggregate, you've actually implemented something pretty sophisticated.


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in the aggregate 总计;总共,作为总体

on aggregate 总共,总计,作为总体,作为整体  

lightweight aggregate 轻骨料;轻砂石

coarse aggregate 粗集料;粗骨料

aggregate demand 总需求

lightweight aggregate concrete 轻骨料混凝土;轻质集料混凝土

fine aggregate 细骨料,细集料;[机]细聚集体

aggregate supply 总供给;累积总供应

aggregate amount 总数,总金额

economic aggregate 经济总体数字;经济活动总量

aggregate production 总生产

aggregate size n. 集料粒度;骨料粒度;集料尺寸

aggregate data 总体资料;综合数据

aggregate structure 聚集组织;团聚体构造;集合体构造

concrete aggregate n. 混凝土骨料,混凝土骨材;混凝土集料

light aggregate 轻集料

soil aggregate 集料土,碎石土;土混骨材,土料;土壤团聚体

aggregate output 总生产额

aggregate base 骨料基层;混合基础

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