• The rush out of equities globally has coincided with a rush into bonds and gold.

    FORBES: The Week Ahead: Waiting for QE3

  • Presumably, if this novel scheme is successful, Dutch tailors will soon be plucking people from the dole queues to cope with a rush of alterations.

    ECONOMIST: The Dutch model (cont’d)

  • His interview answers often started confidently, with a rush of distant memories—his report on the first integrated high-school dinner in Virginia, the name of his editor, the exact time he handed in his copy—but foundered in tears when the words failed.

    ECONOMIST: Tom DeBaggio

  • She came in with a rush—books dropped on the bench so that they scattered on the floor, scarf snatched off so that her hair sprang out in a tangle, and at the same time, it seemed, boots kicked loose and sent skittering across the floor.

    NEWYORKER: Amundsen

  • Crosby nearly netted his most spectacular goal of the season midway through the first period with a breathtaking rush in which he split a pair of defenders and then attempted to slip a shot under Rask while falling to the ice.

    NPR: Penguins Beat Bruins 2-1 To Run Win Streak To 9

  • Nothing wrong with a gold rush, of course.

    ECONOMIST: What price coral?

  • Entrance to an exclusive private preschool is a painful right of passage for thousands of upscale New York moms every year, kicking off with a mad rush of speed dialing early in the morning the day after Labor Day to secure applications before schools run out of them.

    FORBES: The Most Expensive Preschools

  • The record companies know where in the country a record is lagging, so they can rush in with a few personal appearances, radio advertisements or poster campaigns.

    ECONOMIST: The last big thing

  • The show's success has much to do with Geoffrey Rush, a gifted Oscar-winning Australian actor who is here making his Broadway debut.

    ECONOMIST: Eugène Ionesco's “Exit the King”: Forgotten gem | The

  • The brightly painted hallways are crammed with new hires in a rush, high-potential prospects who, in Manglik's generation, had to leave India if they wanted to exploit their technology degrees.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Kraft is unlikely to rush in with a new offer until any other rival bids come forward, though.

    FORBES: Cadbury Gags On Kraft Bid

  • It seemed to explode all round the ship with an overpowering concussion and a rush of great waters, as if an immense dam had been blown up to windward.

    FORBES: Has Sandy Capsized Your Life? Here's One Thing To Be Thankful For

  • In her case, she would "fall in love" with an investment or a purchase and rush into it without considering the risks.

    FORBES: Intelligent Investing

  • And while people with concerns over privacy will not install Facebook Home, you can be sure that hundreds of thousands of people being told that their phone can be a better with Facebook Home will rush for the download.

    FORBES: Facebook Ready To Spend Heavily To Promote A Successful Facebook Home Launch

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