• The two make a disarmingly charming pair--stooped and white-haired, but impossibly energetic and cheerful.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • C. (Mickey) Roth, 57, a lanky, white-haired ex-Air Force captain who heads USAA Investment Management, the mutual fund arm.

    FORBES: The Funds: The Vanguard of Texas

  • The result is a growing list of tongues spoken only by white-haired elders.

    ECONOMIST: Endangered languages

  • In the middle of a formal Transport for London Board meeting, a white-haired woman got up to denounce him.

    ECONOMIST: London's mayor

  • Burch, a dapper, white-haired man, remembers Jones as a gentleman and an intellectual.

    FORBES: Growing Pains

  • Actor turned up in several successful films last year, including Love in the Buff, An Inaccurate Memoir and White-Haired Witch.

    FORBES: Top Ten Chinese Celebs

  • The white-haired senator looks as if he could well have suffered at the hands of the Nazis rather than the Communists.

    ECONOMIST: The man who healed the Vietnam wound

  • The white-haired wildcatter is trying one last time to etch his legacy in the deep waters off the coast of West Africa.

    FORBES: An oilman's last hurrah

  • To the consternation of fans the world over, Capcom and Ninja Theory have turned our wisecracking white-haired hero into a skinny, dark-haired troubled teen.

    FORBES: DmC: Devil May Cry Review --Teen Angst, Huge Swords

  • Simon Russell Beale plays Timon, a saturnine, white-haired, deep-pocketed sugar daddy.

    NEWYORKER: Fools of Fortune

  • An old man had been pushed into his cell the day before—a man perhaps in his mid-seventies, white-haired, skin finely wrinkled, with an old-fashioned dignity about him.

    NEWYORKER: Cell One

  • Sharp only made the connection between the white-haired raver and the head of Wikileaks when that photo danced its way onto blogs around the world early this month.

    FORBES: Leaked: Video of Julian Assange Dancing

  • McGuane, tall and white-haired, is a god among flyfishing literates.

    FORBES: Actor Michael Keaton, Writer Tom McGuane And Flyfishing Legend Stu Apte Come Together To Help Save Bonefish And Tarpon

  • There's a wooden book that unfolds into a desk lamp and a polymer incubation blanket for infants that's "on track to save 100, 000 children's lives, " according to Hatch, TechShop's spikey-white-haired CEO.


  • Focus groups loved it, but none of them recognised the white-haired driver as the then speaker of the House, even though Mr O'Neill was a far bigger personality than the straightforward Mr Boehner will ever be.

    ECONOMIST: Lexington: The wrong target | The

  • Cranes will rise in Barcelona, New York, Jerusalem, Las Vegas, Abu Dhabi, Paris and other world centers to construct glass sails, wavy monoliths, bristly multiheaded towers and other alter-the-skyline-forever structures designed by a spectacled, white-haired 78-year-old working out of a bullpen with cardboard furniture in West Los Angeles.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • And at the stroke of six--when Apple (nasdaq: AAPL - news - people ) stores were swinging their doors open to hordes of crazed gadget shoppers--a tiny, white-haired old lady wearing a huge pair of sunglasses shuffled up to the counter to ask for directions to the nearby firehouse.

    FORBES: Apple Hits Redial

  • When I swam ashore for a break after the first hour, the girls complimented me on my windsurfing form ("you looked like you were trying really hard not to fall off the side of a building") and introduced me to Aaron, the white-haired Sephardim who co-owned the windsurfing operation with his daughter.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Hamlin as Perseus struggled to tame a white-winged Pegasus and to battle the snake-haired Medusa.

    NPR: Special Effects Master Ray Harryhausen Dies At 92

  • Such ghost-revellers would have expected to see a scowling, long-haired woman in a white funeral gown and with no feet—the classic image of the wife who, betrayed and murdered by her husband, returns from the dead to punish her tormentor.

    ECONOMIST: There is more than you think to the haunting of Japan

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