• During his second year, he wrote a letter to then Parkland CEO Anderson, expressing his interest in working on social determinants of disease.

    FORBES: Can Algorithms Save Parkland Hospital?

  • But even in this paradise, away from the city, with its dense population, disease and social ills, the villagers can relate to the same matter, and that residents of large cities ...

    UNESCO: Communication and Information

  • There were numerous smaller grants announced in both the disease mapping and social services initiatives, but no investments yet in small businesses or electric vehicles.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • In many of the communities where it is still a problem, other social ills are so severe that the disease, especially now that it has fallen to such low levels, is not seen as a priority—precisely the circumstances in which a new epidemic could break out.

    ECONOMIST: Going, going . . . gone?

  • Every person is just one disease or accident away from needing Social Security disability to avoid homelessness and even death.

    FORBES: Is Disability the New Unemployment Insurance?

  • Mr Fincher and his colleague Randy Thornhill wondered if disease might be driving important aspects of human social behaviour, too.

    ECONOMIST: Religious diversity may be caused by disease

  • Recognizing the rapid maturity of HIV medical, behavioral and social sciences, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now considers HIV a winnable battle.

    WHITEHOUSE: Winning the Battle Against HIV/AIDS

  • The scientists, who reported their findings at a recent meeting of the American Academy of Neurology, have discovered that a certain type of neurodegenerative disease may chip away at the ability to understand the social, physical and verbal cues that help people recognize indirect language, such as sarcasm, and even deceit.

    MSN: Don't miss these Health stories

  • This is not a medical disease but rather it is a normal reaction to abnormal personal or social circumstances.

    ECONOMIST: Dead set against

  • Still more creative early-detection systems will begin to pull together illness information present in social-networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, allowing us to see changing disease patterns before they make the morning news.

    ECONOMIST: Science

  • Those who remember that richer places such as Spain, Italy, Greece and the southern United States once harboured the disease may be misled into thinking that the problem is one of social institutions to control its transmission.

    ECONOMIST: BY INVITATION: Helping the world’s poorest | The

  • Some 34% of the survivors who were trapped inside the Murrah building in Oklahoma City when it was blown up came down with post-traumatic stress disorder, a disease in which patients can suffer from flashbacks, heightened anxiety and social withdrawal, according to surveys done by North.

    FORBES: Katrina's Mental Toll To Be Huge

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