• She finds herself flushing with a combination of rage and an almost reckless mirth.

    NEWYORKER: Stone Mattress

  • Ever since Arianna Huffington first floated the idea of a Beatty candidacy, it has been the cause of mirth.

    ECONOMIST: Warren Beatty’s profession

  • Beneath the gush of his eloquent vocabulary incessantly burbled a subterranean effluence of inexhaustible mirth, a Gulf Stream of self-satisfied glee.

    NEWYORKER: Heirs

  • This fact, which I proclaimed upon arrival in middle school, was a source of considerable mirth for the powerful few who dictated the social tide.

    NEWYORKER: High-School Confidential

  • He makes grandiose claims with a mixture of mirth and sincerity.

    NEWYORKER: Looking for Someone

  • At each of my encounters with the Archbishop, I had the same sense of wonder at his sense of humour and mirth even when dealing with tough problems such as human rights violations.


  • This enthusiasm provoked widespread mirth at The Economist.

    ECONOMIST: The unacknowledged giant

  • She has played a protective single mother in You Can Count on Me, a scheming, malevolent Bertha Dorset in The House of Mirth, and the wife of sex researcher Alfred Kinsey in Kinsey, among many other diverse characters.

    NPR: Laura Linney Explores the Art, Artifice of Acting

  • These begin with a corpse in the Louvre, continue in a country house owned by a conspiracy expert (Ian McKellen), lead to London for a touch of local color, and end in a Scottish church, where the true descendant of Jesus is revealed, to regrettable sounds of mirth in the audience.

    NEWYORKER: The Da Vinci Code

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