• "We hope that Pfizer will, in time, grow into one of the larger cancer companies, " says William Slichenmyer , Pfizer's head of oncology.


  • Mining firms such as Rio Tinto have benefited from China's rapid expansion over the past few years, which have seen the country grow into one of the world's largest commodities markets.

    BBC: Rio Tinto targets $5bn cost cuts as prices tumble

  • The seeds of doubt, planted by those who wish to harm us, will instead grow into flowering meadows like this one where we stand in today, for they cannot defeat the American spirit.

    WHITEHOUSE: Vice President Biden Honors Flight 93 Memorial

  • That is, who can help them to develop a new idea into a successful business model and how to grow a small business into a large and sustainable one?

    FORBES: China 30 Under 30 List: Women Entrepreneurs Face More Hurdles Than Men In China - Forbes

  • If the reserves problem at Shell does not grow into an industry-wide scandal, one reason may be today's high oil prices.

    ECONOMIST: Oil companies

  • There is no question that Facebook has all of the makings of a successful company one that can certainly grow into its valuation and produce the type of earnings to justify its IPO hype.

    FORBES: Caught Holding the Facebook Bag

  • There is another benefit of egg-freezing technology that many people don't know about: If your own frozen eggs don't survive thawing or fertilization or fail to grow into robust embryos, you can go online to one of the many commercial egg banks popping up across the country and order a batch of frozen eggs donated by a woman who looks like you.

    WSJ: Why I Froze My Eggs (And You Should, Too)

  • "You could probably feed a number of families with what you could grow on these size allotments so people could go into a consortium to buy one between a couple of families, " he said.

    BBC: Allotment

  • All children must have a champion, one who makes solid and sensible decisions that will help them grow into mature, happy and reliable adults.

    CNN: How to get teachers to teach and students to learn

  • Scientists have implanted a laboratory-made windpipe into a toddler who was born without one, the latest advance in the quest to grow viable human organs in the lab.

    WSJ: Scientists Implant Lab-Made Trachea Into Toddler

  • And my number-one priority has been to not only grow the economy but also make sure that that translates into opportunities for ordinary people.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama at the APEC Business Summit

  • He puts the cells in one of three dozen refrigerator-size incubators operating at 98.6 degrees, where they will grow into the main component of Lucanix, a cancer vaccine he developed.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

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