• The depth of America's financial markets and the country's open capital account have made the dollar attractive.

    ECONOMIST: Reserve currencies

  • It will be months before statistics are published for this year's capital account.

    ECONOMIST: Money in, money out

  • If China opens the capital account before it reforms its SOEs, foreign lending may help feed their investment hunger.

    ECONOMIST: Homeric wisdom | The

  • By opening the capital account soon, China could claim several prizes, reformers argue.

    ECONOMIST: Homeric wisdom | The

  • Operating an open capital account, Indonesia was always vulnerable to panic.

    ECONOMIST: South-East Asia’s currencies are not safe yet

  • Opening up the capital account would attract a lot of hot, speculative money, just as it did in the rest of Asia in the early 1990s.

    ECONOMIST: Will China float the yuan, revalue it up a bit, or neither?

  • In these circumstances, capital account liberalization looks off the table.

    FORBES: China Says Yuan Will Be Fully Convertible Soon

  • Last January, Yi Gang, the head of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, stated that China would make the renminbi convertible on the capital account in five years.

    FORBES: China Says Yuan Will Be Fully Convertible Soon

  • Thanks to a closed capital account (even if cracks are appearing) and government control over domestic banks, China has been able to buy vast quantities of dollars without fuelling inflation.

    ECONOMIST: Currencies

  • These subjects, which each receive a chapter in the report, differ markedly from last year's CEA outlook, which highlighted the capital account surplus, workforce skills, retirement savings, intellectual property and agriculture.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Two factors made this approach work at Goldman: partners saw their money in the capital account grow at an incredible rate under Mr Weinberg's leadership, and, perhaps as important, he set a selfless example.

    ECONOMIST: John Weinberg

  • For one thing, Tom Holland of the South China Morning Post argues convincingly that as long as Beijing depends on investment fueled by cheap money to create growth, it cannot allow capital account convertibility.

    FORBES: China Says Yuan Will Be Fully Convertible Soon

  • Then last month the chief of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, a division of the central bank, removed any ambiguity when he stated that China would make the renminbi convertible on the capital account in five years.

    FORBES: The Final Liberalization of the Renminbi

  • Moreover, if the capital account was opened (which is unlikely over the next four or five years), allowing firms and households to hold foreign assets, the yuan would probably fall, not rise, as the Chinese diversified their savings.

    ECONOMIST: China's economy

  • More importantly, the financial barriers that surround China's economy, such as its closed capital account, restrictions on currency trading, and prohibition on short-selling, mean that shares in China trade at different prices from those with identical rights listed on other overseas exchanges.

    ECONOMIST: The Shanghai Stock Exchange

  • No deduction shall be allowed for amounts paid or accrued for such taxes and carrying charges as, under regulations prescribed by the Secretary, are chargeable to capital account with respect to property, if the taxpayer elects, in accordance with such regulations, to treat such taxes or charges as so chargeable.

    FORBES: Electing To Capitalize Expenses Can Pay Off On Sale

  • According to Martin Neil Baily, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington, the "striking thing" about last year's report was that it painted a rosy view of the trade imbalance by focusing on the capital account surplus, rather than its inverse, the current account deficit.

    FORBES: A Bush View Of The Economy

  • Ms. HUELLE: Well, my credit line has been reduced, which is my safety net, which means now I have to be conservative going forward into the holiday season with my spending, because I now have to keep the safety net in my liquid capital account, whereas before, I could've, you know, spent a little more, got more objects in, but now I have to keep that in my account.

    NPR: Business Owners Sound Off On Economy

  • Thanks to a higher oil price and capital-account controls, the central bank's reserves are moderately healthy.

    ECONOMIST: Russia

  • Mr Walker estimates domestic saving from money-supply and capital-account data (which, again, should be more reliable than national-account numbers).

    ECONOMIST: China's economy

  • New restrictions on private-sector capital-account transactions mean that they are unable, for the moment, to pay their foreign creditors.

    ECONOMIST: A detour or a derailment?

  • They for example may have to seek approval of a commission to raise rates or adjust a capital reserve account in insurance or banking.

    FORBES: If The Fans Owned The Dodgers ...

  • In addition, the shrinking balance sheet of GE Capital on account of the sale of its commercial real estate holdings is expected to impact its results.

    FORBES: GE's Earnings Will Lean On Industrials As Europe Limps Along

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