• So Mr Trimble must particularly dread a violent clash between atavistic hardliners and progressives.

    ECONOMIST: Northern Ireland

  • Even if the embargo is bloody-minded and atavistic, Castro's position--"Socialism or Death"--is many times crazier.


  • Yet, this very reliance cracks open a door to an atavistic return to this defunct constitutional era.

    FORBES: States' Efforts To Strike Down Health Care Law Harks Back To 1930s Jurisprudence

  • Some atavistic taboo, a notion of respect for the dead—as if her mother still lay there in possession.

    NEWYORKER: A Beneficiary

  • The government has not tried to exploit Greek nationalism, but anything that involves Balkan neighbours tends to stir atavistic emotions.

    ECONOMIST: George Papandreou, flouting Greek tradition

  • But the party remains overly fearful of privatising farmland, partly for atavistic fears of a destitute peasantry, and partly for ideological reasons.

    ECONOMIST: China's future

  • Scandal, or an eruption of atavistic, Conservatism may yet weaken Mr Cameron.

    ECONOMIST: Gordon Brown

  • It's hot and easy to chew, and the juices drip down your chin, sending an atavistic memory of primal feasts racing through your nerves.

    NPR: Building a Better Burger

  • Was it some atavistic impulse to die alone, out of sight?

    NEWYORKER: Miss Lora

  • Italy's atavistic protectionism and disdain for freer markets both play a large part in holding back its economy—and will not necessarily change even if its government does.

    ECONOMIST: Italian politics

  • Geoffrey Hosking's patiently compassionate account of the Russian experience of the Soviet Union explains how this mysterious, atavistic feeling both survived and was exploited by the Soviet Union's rulers.

    ECONOMIST: Russians

  • The filmmakers try to make Arquette and Slater lovably goofy compared to the rest of the characters, including the atavistic mafiosi of Detroit and the coke-snorting scuzzballs of Hollywood.

    NEWYORKER: True Romance

  • However, she never lost her ability to be overwhelmed by small things—like the 13-year-old boy, a schoolmate of her daughters, who moves her deeply with songs full of atavistic yearning.

    ECONOMIST: Athens

  • Equally, efforts to get Russia to join the World Trade Organisation should be stepped up, as its rules would usefully trammel the atavistic impulse within the regime to slide towards protectionism.

    ECONOMIST: The return of Vladimir Putin

  • It goes without saying that atavistic emotions such as class revenge or the sheer joy of exercising absolute power are wholly alien to the character and political philosophy of Britain's present prime minister.

    ECONOMIST: Into the reshuffle season

  • Or could it be that the presumed fault here is heterosexuality—that for a man to say aloud that a woman is lovey is an atavistic instinct appropriate for Neanderthal man, but disgraceful in a modern male?

    FORBES: Brent Musburger, Phil Mickelson And Me: Encounters With Political Correctness

  • They should urge Mr Putin to confront and transcend the dictatorship of memory by normalising Russia's borders with the Baltic states, to re-open archives that reveal the terrible truth of the communist tyranny, and to abandon any atavistic dreams of empire.

    ECONOMIST: Russia and the West

  • He has indicated that his party's atavistic defence of hereditary peers in the House of Lords may now be reconsidered: good, though it might carry more conviction if he had not held his two-day shadow cabinet summit this week on the estate of one of them, Lord Cranborne.

    ECONOMIST: Too little Hagueography

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