• The book of Exodus closes, with the construction of the sanctuary, and when the sanctuary is completed, the text says the presence of the Lord filled the tabernacle.


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  • It is being written and redacted at a time when there is a king in Israel, there have been kings in Israel, and it is providing laws for the construction of an ideal monarchy.


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  • She made an argument in her very successful book called Britons, the construction of British identity.


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  • Here, it's the construction work; she actually uses that word.


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  • And he is a violist, not a violinist, but the principle here is pretty much the same, so tell us about the construction of the instrument.


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  • So, on the basis of this, Socrates proposes how to proceed Kallipolis with the construction of Kallipolis, and he does so through what he calls three waves.


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  • Remember, i tried to emphasize how rich you would have to be to undertake the building of the temple, to undertake the construction of one of those beehive tombs.


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  • We'll talk later about the construction of the food guide pyramid.


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  • One of them was that the U.S. Government had shut down the construction industry during the war, so they didn't build any houses for close to five years; obviously we had a shortage of housing.


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  • He throws his high prophetic talents into the construction ; of the Saint Peter speech; and in 1645, historical circumstances being what they were, he was able to look back at this passage and actually claim that it had been a genuinely prophetic utterance.


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  • So, if you look at any engineering system, the performance of that engineering system is a function of its design and its construction.


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  • In Stevens, modernity shows us that the truth of religion was always a fiction, a fundamentally poetic construction.


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  • What's important about the construction of St. Petersburg-- I don't know how many of you have ever been there; I haven't been there for a very, very long time-- this city is not like Moscow at all.


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  • Each of these waves is regarded as in some way necessary for the proper construction of a just city.


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  • The Aufbau Principle comes from a German word which means it is essentially construction or building, build-up principle.


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  • In the mental construction of the Dutch and the English both involves one thing they don't want to be.


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