• Whereas we all know that the universe is of a certain kind-- -- we can't even call it Copernican anymore-- poetry has this odd preference for Ptolemaic astronomy.


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  • God's preference for the offering of Abel valorizes the free life of the nomadic pastoralist over urban existence.


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  • If you read his Pioneering Portfolio Management on the syllabus, he really has a preference for equities.


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  • Now downside of this, well, I've just now violated my preference for having main up top, maybe that's forgivable.


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  • This could be obvious things like height or age but it also could be things like attitudes toward capital punishment, preference for the Red Sox over the Yankees. Right?


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  • How many would have a strict preference for Diet Coke?


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  • Machiavelli's preference for these extreme situations expresses his belief that only in moments of great crisis, where the very existence of a state is at risk, does human nature truly reveal itself.


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  • So the fact is those lab animals have a hard-wired preference for foods that are high in fat and high in sugar, primarily because of the energy density that those foods bring to one, and then the variety is important because you get a mix of nutrients.

    事实上 实验动物对高脂肪高糖的食物,有着强烈的偏爱,而这种爱基于,该类食物能给我们提供高能量,多样性很重要,因为你能摄取多种营养

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  • How many would have a strict preference for Coke?


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  • So a number of you, even if the price was just a tiny bit different might have a preference for one rather than the other, so without getting in trouble by putting the camera on you, how many of you would have a preference, if the prices were essentially the same how many of you would have a strict preference for Pepsi?


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