• And so they're coming at the text already with some kind of familiarity with the topic, at least in a popular conception.


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  • and I think with globalization, that's also something that's very popular.


    移民者的都市 - SpeakingMax英语口语达人

  • A mantra is something that you would just repeat over and over, for example, the syllable that everyone seems to be familiar with and popular one like Om, you can say Om over and over.


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  • They run from nine in the morning through four in the afternoon with multiple sections through the middle of the day, which are the most popular sections.


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  • Why,when dealing with harmony and bass lines, do I want to start by focusing on popular music and then apply those principles to classical music?


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  • And my guess is that if we did taste tests with all you guys of all the popular bottled waters, very few people could probably pick out Evian from any other water.


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  • In fact, the London newspaper at that time and popular opinion sympathized with them, Dudley and Stevens, and the paper said if they weren't motivated by affection and concern for their loved ones at home and their dependents, surely they wouldn't have done this.


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  • % Some people, the next most popular answer with 5%, which is a nice low number, wanted to put two in the 2 p x before they moved on.


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  • - You then run a compiler, in our case called "GCC" -- -- one of the world's most popular -- and then you can run it with some number of switches, these command line arguments as they're called that somehow influences the behavior of this program.


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  • Again, not themselves out there with the goats and the sheep, but they are referred to as having these herds and having to cope with them. Another very popular, I would say the most popular activity among the kings, was piracy. That's what they brag about.


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  • with a piece of popular music you get a single ethos, a single feeling,a single mood associated with the piece, and the piece will tend to be shorter.


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  • Hopelessly out of touch with popular culture and nobody knows this better than I and to prove this I have chosen a piece because there's a little story with it.


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