• In other words, all of them are modes of communication with which we function, the intelligibility of which allows us to negotiate the world around us.


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  • Machiavelli's new world, his new modes and orders, will require, clearly, a displacement of the earlier one, of the previous one.


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  • involves an awkward collision of different artistic modes and entirely distinct planes of reality.


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  • So we will look at those two different modes of moral reasoning, assess them, and also consider others.


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  • This is what I love about the first part of Genesis God is trying to figure out what he has made and what he has done, and he's got to shift modes all the time and God realizes that he's going to have to make a concession.


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  • And then furthermore "ship" is also the opposite of certain things, so that it would also enter into a relationship with "train," "car," "truck," "mule," modes of transportation, right?


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  • The modes of vibration in that string are quantized.


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  • And this exercise of being able to work In these three different modes, economic intuition, graphs, and kind of nerdy high school math is a lot of what we want to get you used to as Economic Majors, just to be able to translate easily between those.


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  • And what you should take away from this course is having learned how to design recipes, how to structure recipes, how to do things in modes in Python.


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  • of this new prince and how does he differ from ? more conventional modes of political authority?


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  • Machiavelli, you remember, claimed to have discovered a new continent, new modes and orders.


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  • In the preface to his largest book, the Discourses on Livy, he compares himself to Christopher Columbus for his discovery of what he calls " "new modes and orders."


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  • I depart from their modes," he says.


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  • The riff on the a in differance as all of those things is something that we can only pick up if we understand language as writing, because in speech these modes of difference don't register.


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operation mode 操作方式

control mode 控制方式;调节状态

mode of operation 操作方式;运行方式

operating mode 操作模式;工作模式

mode of thinking 思维方式;思考模式

failure mode 失效模式;故障模型

service mode 服务方式;预检方式

mode control [计]模式控制,模态控制

mode of production 生产方式

single mode 单模

run mode 运行方式;运行模式;执行方式

vibration mode 振型;振动模;振动方式

safe mode 安全模式

empirical mode 经验模式;经验众数

operational mode 运作模式

mode selection 方式选择;[电]模态选择

basic mode 基本方式;基模

communication mode 通信方式;通讯模式

system mode 系统模式,系统方式;系统状态

normal mode 正常模式;标准振荡方式;自然振荡;固有状态

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