• You can actually calculate the angle at which that blood hit your surface."

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  • So we're going to go through a thermodynamic cycle, and here's what I want to calculate when we do this.


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  • OK, now what we'd like to do is be able to calculate any of these quantities in terms of temperature, pressure, volume properties.


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  • If a subscriber can get quality care for less overseas, the companies calculate they will have to pay out less money in reimbursement.

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  • And we can calculate that with the formula that we used, which was just n minus l minus 1 equals the number of nodes.


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  • Economists point out that the current jobless rate is already higher than the hypothetical rate that was used to calculate the health of banks and other financial institutions in so-called "stress tests" earlier this year.

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  • For the simple reason that the number of possible chess games is so huge, that computers can't calculate it.


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  • The Born-Haber cycle was designed to allow us to calculate the energetics of, in particular,the ionic bond.


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  • Well, I don't want to arbitrarily calculate a figure, ... I mean, right now. I think that... You want to take it under advisement?


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  • It uses the binomial distribution to calculate the probability of getting any specific number of accidents.


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  • When they started to calculate how much rice would be need to fill up all blocks, all the way to 2 to the power 63.


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  • So, for example, you know, I'm going to calculate next when it hits the ground.


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  • So really what we'll probably do is instead either give you the wavelength or the frequency and you'll go ahead and calculate the energy from there.


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  • Whereas under these conditions, these quantities, if you look at free energy change, for example at constant temperature and pressure, H you can still calculate H.


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  • This is a point that is often confusing, because you can think, well maybe I could calculate what the internal pressure is even for this very rapid process.


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  • And an electron is something where, i n fact, we might be able to, if we calculate it and see how that works out, actually observe some of its wave-like properties.


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  • And, in fact, these are the only two types of nodes that we're going to be describing, so we can actually calculate both the total number of notes and the number of each type of node we should expect to see in any type of orbital.


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  • And, he came up with a relationship to calculate the percent ionic character.


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  • And so we can actually think about how do we calculate what the dissociation energy should be for h 2, so let's go ahead and do this.


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  • Often, for a particular state change, it is easy to calculate two of these, but not the third.


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  • I don't want to have to deal with heat escaping to the outside environment in a way that might be difficult or complicated to measure or calculate.


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  • Which means that g we can really calculate all the thermodynamics in terms of only g.


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  • So we should be able to calculate a z effective for any atom that we want to talk about, as long as we know what that ionization energy is.


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  • And we can go through and calculate the value of this quantity in parenthesis. And, when we do so, we get the value 2.18 times 10 to the minus 18 joules.


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  • And knowing now how to calculate these free energies especially the Helmholtz and the Gibbs free energies,that's what's going to guide us in really calculating quantitatively, OK, where will equilibrium lie.


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  • All right, let's calculate the work that's involved with these two processes.


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  • So this allows us to calculate all sorts of things to get these functional forms.


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  • Here is what we calculate to tell whether it happens spontaneously.


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  • In fact, we're going to do some of that today, u OK, calculate delta u.


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  • There will be some computations, so something to calculate with.


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calculate on 指望;期待

be calculated for 适合于……;为适合…而设计的

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