• 16世纪以来他们吸引着巴黎文人墨客

    Since the 16th century, they have attracted literary Parisians.


  • 月亮热爱思乡之情激发文人墨客创作有关月亮佳作

    People's love for the moon and the nostalgia spirit inspired literary men to create great works about the moon.


  • 人学英语总喜欢那些文人墨客东西,押韵啦,填词啦,习语啦,一方面是因为英语顶层文学教授们,另一方面培养目标翻译而不是双语应用

    The latter one, i.e. , the goal of learning English is for translation, not for bilingual use, is a problem we can change: the goal of learning English should be bilingual use.


  • 别的文人墨客描写罪恶不幸吧

    Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery.


  • 文人墨客创作禅意”、“禅意禅僧外化”、“本质区别

    There was an essential distinction between Zen - poetry and Zen - paintings coming from their hearts and the poetry and paintings with Zenist messages by secular men of letters.


  • 漫长发展历程中,自身特有的魅力韵味赢得了历代文人墨客青睐受到了布衣百姓喜爱

    In the long course of development, with its own unique charm and flavor, Bamboo flute has not only won the favor of ancient men of letters, but also loved by the public.


  • 毗邻象牙塔勃朗酒店设计师希望整个空间呈现出文人墨客应有风骨。

    Adjacent to the ivory tower, Blanc Hotel designers also hope that the whole space presents the character of men of literature and writing.


  • 历史很多文人墨客留下了歌颂繁华的佳作。

    In history Jinchang District had many literati leaving excellent works praising the prosperous downtown.


  • 青岛许多历史建筑掩映青山绿树之中其中座后来成为了中国早期文人墨客青岛居所

    Qingdao has many historic buildings hidden in the afforested mountains and green trees, among which many were the residences of some men of letters of modern China.


  • 源自中国不同地区文房四宝那些文人墨客们最喜爱物品。

    The individual treasures have a "treasured" form, each being produced in certain areas of China as a speciality for those scholars who would use them.


  • 那里文人墨客早已留下只有一杯或者长啸以及荡漾笑声回忆

    Where the literati poet had gone away, leaving only one poem a piano one of liquor, or one person, one boat a Chosho, and the waves with memories of laughter.


  • 四川省我国西南部一个内陆省份省会成都一座历史文化名城,历史许多文人墨客在此留下他们的足迹

    Sichuan Province is in the southwest of China, far from the coast. The capital city, Chengdu, is full of historical and cultural legacy. In the past, many literary masters have lived here.


  • 菊花赢得了古往今来不少文人墨客喜爱他们、赏、咏形成丰富多彩的文化

    Chrysanthemum has won love of many writers in the past and the present who plant, appreciate, praise and paint the chrysanthemum, helping to form a colorful chrysanthemum culture in China.


  • 这种奇景古时候看到过文人墨客往往忍不住高声咏叹

    This kind of marvelous sight, ancient time looked has been to the writer literati, often cannot bear wants loud to chant sighs.


  • 竹子大熊猫主要食物,也是中国历史上广大文人墨客偶像

    The bamboo plant is the staple food of the giant panda and a cultural icon in Chinese history.


  • 中国传统君子之一一直深受文人墨客所喜爱

    Bamboo is referred to as one of Chinese traditional 'four gentlemen 'and has been appreciated by the man of letters.


  • 古今往来,文人墨客通过等不同文化表达方式,雪景增添了许多涵义悠远文化意境。

    Throughout the ages, snow scene has been added more profound by intoning and drawing. The ancients always intone, watch and draw snow, as a meaning of understanding life and exploration nothingness.


  • 名胜古迹数不胜数,尤其是历代文人雅士墨客留下1300石刻碑文,令游客目不暇接,叹为观止。

    In particular, tourists will invariantly marvel at the vast number of stone inscriptions left in more than 1300 places by famous ancient writers, scholars and calligraphers of various dynasties.


  • 这种人生态度处世方法中国乃至世界骚人墨客尤其是唐宋以来文人具有深远的影响

    His attitude to and philosophy of life have a profound effect on literary men of China and even the world especially since the Tang and the Song Dynasties.


  • 文人墨客笔下的、的……游人眼里美的

    The water, in the writer literati's writing is supple, slow, staticIn tourist's eye is beautiful!


  • 一直文人墨客缪斯女神,古今中外,歌颂春天诗句数不胜数

    To men of letters, Spring is always the goddess Muse. There has never been scarcity of singing for Spring whenever and wherever.


  • 中国灵璧石文化一千以上历史汉唐以来较多注意不少文人墨客、藏

    The mini-sculpture has a history of one thousand years, China has been more attention since the han and tang dynasties, a lot of letters to enjoy stone, stone, theory of delight.


  • 便又溶进古往今来文人墨客诗文之中

    Green Lotus Peak US-Rong Jin Yun blamed for this through the ages among the literati of the poetry.


  • 壮观的自然风景以及不计其数历史名胜激发古代文人墨客,为之舞文弄墨,创作了无数经典佳作。

    Its landscape and numerous historical sites have inspired many great classics of ancient writers, scholars and calligraphers.


  • 直至清代长城内外成为一统,老龙头从此失去了军事防御作用成为帝王将相、文人墨客海览胜的绝佳去处

    Up to the Qing Dynasty, Great Wall and to become unified, the old leader, had lost their military defense role as emperor, literati great place to view the sea Range Rover .


  • 徽商崛起,以及徽州地域文化等的影响,吸引了无数文人墨客前往。

    Numerous scholars were attracted to this region by the prosperous economy and unique local culture of Huizhou district.


  • 历代文人墨客牡丹情有独钟,不已。

    All previous dynasties writer literati are many to the peony has only one in mind, chants does not approve already.


  • 梅兰竹中国历代文人墨客喜好精品

    Merlin bamboo chrysanthemum is the flower of ancient men of letters are preferred in the boutique.


  • 梅兰竹中国历代文人墨客喜好精品

    Merlin bamboo chrysanthemum is the flower of ancient men of letters are preferred in the boutique.


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