• So, if I finish the game as a Siren, and decide to start from scratch as a Ninja (or as the promised DLC character, the cyborg Mech Romantic), I can take my levels in badass with me, giving me Level 1 character the ability to burn through the initial challenges of the game, or help out higher-level characters in multiplayer.

    FORBES: Hands-On With Borderlands 2: Gearbox Goes Back To Pandora

  • He took a seat on the second strand of ropes, where his head was level with mine, and beckoned me in with a brisk wave of gloves.

    NPR: Boxer Muhammad Ali Turns 65

  • It would be easy enough to capture my travel preferences and provide me with a level of service tuned to my needs.

    FORBES: Let's Go Alienate Some Customers Today

  • And I know of no group of people who more consistently steer in that direction than governors, because ultimately the buck stops with you in your state, just as the buck stops with me at the national level.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama Meets With Newly Elected Governors

  • He kneeled before me so his face was level with mine.

    NEWYORKER: Naima

  • Mr. MIKE HUCKABEE (Former Republican Governor, Arkansas): There's a lot of support for a tax at the wholesale level for tobacco, and that's fine with me.

    NPR: Huckabee Attacked for Tax Record

  • In speaking with other C-level executives, one question helped me create the awareness I needed: How does your organization effectively share social responsibility information with others?

    FORBES: Networking at the White House: How to Create Awareness For Your Cause

  • My first play through of the game, with a Wizard, only brought me up to level 30 by the time Diablo was defeated.

    FORBES: Connect

  • Very quickly, she taught me the basic formulae associated with how to determine the level of need within a school or community.

    WHITEHOUSE: Not In My Backyard

  • "It really does need to go to a new level -- these conversations where I'm asking my police chief (to) help me with what we need to understand going into a situation that could turn as bad as Gwinnett County and New York, " said Schwartz, who's also chief of the Arlington County, Virginia, Fire Department.


  • To me, this is the crux of the problem with our current tax code: the level of taxation is high enough to encourage those with means to aggressively avoid taxes.

    FORBES: Why Is Success Being Punished?

  • But the car wash experience really drove it home for me and will cause me to look at the incentive plans I create or approve from multiple angles and with a new level of scrutiny to increase the odds that the result is the intended consequence.

    FORBES: Best Advice a CEO Ever Received

  • Mr. FINE: Well, the great thing is we're seeing a great mixture in the audience when we do the classes, and that shows me a level of sensitivity, that these artists--these Caucasian makeup artists who want to work with women of color--understand that they have to learn more.

    NPR: Sam Fine, 'Makeup Artist to the Stars'

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