• The immigration officer smiled and chatted with each new arrival, briskly stamped his passport, and sent him on his way.


  • The immigration officer usually sporting peroxide blond hair, six-inch heels and an abbreviated skirt offers an early insight into Russian notions of customer service.

    ECONOMIST: To understand contemporary Russia, consider its airports

  • He also faced an illegal attempt by an immigration officer at the airport in Nairobi last week to block him from flying to neighbouring Tanzania, he said.

    BBC: Kenya's Willy Mutunga 'threatened' over Kenyatta case

  • "To effectuate the fraud, Morejon posed as an immigration officer to impress the illegal aliens (and) also threatened some of the illegal aliens with deportation, " the document said.


  • The law refers to "preserving the qualified workforce" and on state TV a senior immigration officer clarified that this meant athletes and "vital" professionals as well as Communist Party leaders.

    BBC: Cubans set for foreign travel as exit permits abolished

  • Sheardown was an immigration officer at the Canadian Embassy in Tehran when students and militants stormed the U.S. Embassy there on November 4, 1979, taking more than 50 Americans hostage.


  • Embarkation controls - which meant people leaving the UK were seen by an immigration officer - were ended in 1994 for those travelling from ferry ports and small ports to a European Union destination.

    BBC: UK border controls - are they tough enough?

  • Immigration attorney David Leopold is a national executive officer of the American Immigration Lawyer's Association.

    NPR: Immigration Law Difficult to Navigate

  • Now, the requirement that a police officer must determine the immigration status of an individual who they have a "reasonable suspicion" is in the country illegally extends to those instances where police respond to something as minor as city ordinance violations.

    CNN: Rubio's troubling immigration flip-flop

  • Abassi allegedly discussed with the undercover officer his plans to obtain immigration documents fraudulently so he could stay in the United States and engage in terrorism, and his plan included a claim that he was working for a company owned by the undercover agent.


  • Today I'm pleased to announce a new collaboration between my Chief Information Officer, my Chief Performance Officer, my Chief Technologies Officer and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Office to make the agency much more efficient, much more transparent, much more user-friendly than it has been in the past.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama: Working Together for Immigration Reform

  • And Mr D'Alema will find it equally hard to tackle the countless lobbies that make any reform in Italy so difficult: from rail workers to postal workers, from school-teachers to the officer corps, from politically motivated magistrates to the Christian pressure-groups that make sure the immigration laws are not implemented (this week, once again, hundreds of people landed illegally on Italy's shores).

    ECONOMIST: Italy

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