• Yet there is clearly a huge opportunity, given the gap between the quality of Internet access most Americans enjoy at work (through high-speed direct connections) and at home (through a copper telephone wire).

    ECONOMIST: Cable television

  • That means you must be single, divorced, or otherwise unmarried at the end of the tax year and (1) you paid more than 50% to keep a home for the entire tax year for a parent who was a dependent OR (2) you paid more than 50% to keep a home for the entire tax year with your dependent (there are some exceptions to this rule).

    FORBES: Eleven Tax Myths Debunked

  • There's neither a new home console (Wii U) nor a portable one (PlayStation Vita) that relates to Microsoft SmartGlass effort.

    ENGADGET: Switched On: E3, Screen Two

  • The setting was Pizza a Casa (Pizza at Home), a trim little storefront on Delancey Street run by Mark Bello.

    FORBES: Napa Valley Comes To New York For A Pizza-Making Party

  • Some chairmen, such as Gerald Kaufman (culture, media and sport) and Chris Mullin (home affairs) have hit on a good wheeze.

    ECONOMIST: Dear Worried of Westminster

  • This comes at a stage of life in which a majority of Generation Xers own a home (translate: have a mortgage payment) and have minor children (translate: extra mouths to feed).

    FORBES: Why Generation X Is In Trouble And What They Can Do About It

  • The story is straightforward enough: Benjamin (Michael Angarano), a lonely teen-ager being home-schooled by his poor single mother (Jennifer Coolidge) in a dome-shaped house somewhere west of the Rockies, salves his soul by writing and illustrating whacked-out science-fiction fantasies.

    NEWYORKER: Gentlemen Broncos

  • In another talk at Black Hat, researchers Don Bailey and Nick Depetrillo showed how they were able to take bits and pieces of mobile information (such as the IMSI), Caller Display Name (CNAM) and the Home Location Register (HLR) to put together a mobile White Pages that would allow them to stalk someone.

    FORBES: Cell Phone Snooping: Cheaper And Easier Than Ever

  • Zillow predicts that the 20-City Composite Home Price Index (non-seasonally adjusted, NSA) will decline by 3.2% on a year-over-year basis, while the 10-City Composite Home Price Index (NSA) will show a year-over-year decline of 2.8%.

    FORBES: By Dr. Stan Humphries, Zillow Chief Economist

  • Armed with this information, the baker can increase sales by (a) launching a home-page promotion that maintains the higher level of interest in the strawberry shortcake, and (b) creating a coupon that lowers the price of the tiramisu to attract frequent customers.

    FORBES: Big Data Analytics: Not Just for Big Business Anymore

  • Currently in the portfolio inspired by Greenblatt are several for-profit education companies, Gamestop ( GME), a cigarette company, and home health care provider Amedisys ( AMED).

    FORBES: Home Health Juggernaut Still Going Higher

  • Nobody bats 1, 000, of course--not even the master, and many of the things Verne predicted have failed to appear, such as the movable 10-square-mile island built by a group of millionaires in Propeller Island (1895): Home to a large city, it moved around the Pacific Ocean on electric power.

    FORBES: Eerily Prescient

  • While the percentage of those with guns in their family record who believe this is slightly higher (72%), even a majority (57%) of those without a gun in their home hold that view.

    FORBES: Who Is The Gun Lobby? Me For Sure; Maybe You Too?

  • Keeping a second home is a step up in magnitude because a second home has all the costs (often more) of your first home without the easy write-offs from the IRS. By and large, second homes are often a terrible financial burden rather than a good investment.

    FORBES: Vacation Home Survival Guide

  • Also, many people may sell a home (a business, a family heirloom, etc.) and find themselves, suddenly and violently and briefly, in a materially higher earning bracket.

    FORBES: Tax Rates and the Great Fairness Debate

  • The fully detached home (a rarity in San Francisco) has a 3-car garage, plus additional parking.

    FORBES: Connect

  • There's a home (or back) button on the top left side, which brings you back to Pebble's main configuration page.

    ENGADGET: Pebble smartwatch review Mobile

  • The top performer in our Index was led by KB Home ( Eli Broad) with a return of 115%.

    FORBES: Are You Better Than a Billionaire?

  • In this scenario, an employee may work from home (or any location) a few days a week, then appear at an office the other days.

    FORBES: Women Finding Balance in Remote Work Arrangements

  • Among his recent home runs (and still a holding) in the Premium Portfolio: Citrix Systems (nasdaq: CTXS - news - people )--up 62% year to date.

    FORBES: Buyback Buy List

  • Users can share media from their handset to a PC, notebook, or television, and vice versa across a network (whether a home network, enterprise network or WLAN), using the easy to set-up device.

    ENGADGET: Toshiba updates TG01 handset with the TG02

  • Facebook spent 2012 becoming a mobile company (and Home is a way to extend mobile presence), which while necessary is not a route to riches.

    FORBES: Facebook Extends Charging For Messages. Great Move!

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