• They are long, tedious and dangerous to read if you have a sleep deficit.

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  • Dr. Daniel Hanley, professor of neurology at Johns Hopkins Medicine, in Maryland, told CNN that VS is a coma-like state in which patients have a sleep and wake cycle, and can show reflex chewing, swallowing and blinking, but don't respond to language or stimulation.

    CNN: Trapped 'coma' man: How was he misdiagnosed?

  • For starters, your doc may have you visit a sleep specialist to rule out sleep apnea, a common breathing disorder that wakes sufferers several times a night, sometimes without them even knowing it.

    CNN: When to take a sleeping pill

  • The Nest (covered in branches), the Blue Cone (which is actually painted red) and the UFO (a spaceship skewered by pines) all have enough room to sleep a family of four.

    CNN: Modern design meets nature with Sweden's Treehotel

  • "Exercisers fall asleep faster, suffer fewer middle-of-the-night wake-ups and have a reduced risk of sleep disorders, " says study co-author Brad Cardinal, co-director of the sport and exercise psychology program at Oregon State University.

    CNN: How to fix health problems with exercise

  • Maybe we all might have gotten a lot more sleep had we known about recent results of another GRACE satellite study published in the journal Nature that shows that Himalayan glaciers are hardly melting at all.

    FORBES: Man The Lifeboats! Global Warming Has Oceans Rising At Alarming Rate! (Or Maybe not)

  • Well, you've got to have a -- get a good night's sleep, because no matter where Santa is in the world, he only comes to your house after you're fast asleep.

    WHITEHOUSE: The White House

  • Because when I was little, I used to have a hard time going to sleep on Christmas Eve, too.

    WHITEHOUSE: The White House

  • Booth had submitted that he might have fallen asleep due to a sleep disorder, rather than tiredness, before the crash.

    BBC: Priyanka Bhogal

  • MRS. OBAMA: All right, so have a good night's sleep.

    WHITEHOUSE: The White House

  • Booth said he might have fallen asleep due to a sleep disorder, rather than tiredness, before the crash, but changed his plea after the judge allowed him to discuss the case with his barrister.

    BBC: Priyanka Bhogal

  • With humans, if we get too little sleep, have a poor diet, and take on too much pressure, our stress levels rise and we succumb to ailments our otherwise healthy immune system could easily handle.

    CNN: What's killing the bees

  • Overweight people often have sleep problems -- most notably sleep apnea, a breathing disorder that causes frequent awakenings -- but it's not clear if they're overweight because of their sleep problems, or if their sleep problems result from being overweight.

    CNN: Sleep deprivation spurs hunger

  • Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN chief medical correspondent: You're not likely to have a doctor ever advise giving the sleep hormone melatonin to your teenagers, but sleep experts tell CNN they've seen a tremendous upsurge in the use of melatonin in kids, by parents.

    CNN: Should your teen take melatonin for help with sleep?

  • Their genetics including the genetics of sleep have been studied for almost a century, and many of the genes that play a role in human sleep resemble those that control sleep in fruit flies.

    ECONOMIST: Memory formation

  • Programmers--sorry, seamen--hired from places like India and Russia would have their own cabins, work eight- or ten-hour stretches on either a day or night shift and have the rest of the time to sleep, play shuffleboard or take a water taxi to shore.

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  • People who have trouble getting a good night's sleep take it, as do those who are badly affected by jet lag.

    BBC: NEWS | Health | Sleep supplement asthma warning

  • The 100-hour work week and getting five hours of sleep per night have become a sort of Silicon Valley Badge of Honor.

    FORBES: Advice For Startup Executives: This Year, Take A Vacation

  • It takes away the beauty of the night sky, often disturbs sleep patterns and can have a negative impact on our wildlife.

    BBC: Dark sky protection bid for Northumberland

  • Recent studies conducted by scientists in Israel showed that even losing an hour of sleep a night can have a noticeable effect on a child's mental performance.

    BBC: Children losing out on sleep

  • First the team showed that they could use the state of a region of the brain, called the medial prefronal cortex, to predict how much deep, or slow-wave, sleep a person would have.

    BBC: Boosting sleep 'may slow memory rot'

  • The al-Qaeda leader's face still looks tired and lined, as befits a fugitive who may well have to sleep in different locations almost every night, but it is not quite as gaunt or exhausted looking as it was three years ago.

    BBC: Trimmed Bin Laden in media-savvy war

  • The Flex tracks your sleep quality as well, but the approach here differs from other Fitbit products: whereas the Fitbit One and Fitbit Zip have a key you can press to enter sleep mode, the Flex has no buttons at all, so your only recourse for logging sleep is to use the app or website.

    ENGADGET: Fitbit announces the Flex wristband, a $100 fitness tracker to take on the Jawbone Up

  • Even those who still have a home to go to are afraid to sleep in it, for fear of violent aftershocks.

    ECONOMIST: Tragedy on one of the world’s main fault lines | The

  • Joe has found that if you want to sleep with a woman you have to spend a lot of time talking to her about her interests.

    NEWYORKER: Blue Period

  • CouchSurfing connects people who have a spare sofa with travellers who wish to sleep on it, on the tacit understanding that the travellers will do the same for someone else in the network some day.

    ECONOMIST: Schumpeter

  • In some kids, when allergies overwhelm the system, they have more temper tantrums and a harder time getting to sleep.

    CNN: Sad in the spring? Allergy-mood link is real

  • If they were to have access to the same information you have now on a daily basis, how much less sleep would we all be getting?

    WHITEHOUSE: BiPartisan Super Bowl Party

  • The good news is that sleep and exercise already have something of a relationship: Getting enough of one can make it easier to accomplish the other.

    CNN: Exercise plus sleep may lower cancer risk in women

  • "I'll sleep much easier tonight than I would have a month ago for sure, " Rose said.

    BBC: Justin Rose leads Travelers Championship by three

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