• Chinese gamblers rarely drink when money is on the line, and the low, festive hum is broken now and then by the sound of someone pounding the table in delight or anguish, or exhorting the cards to obey.

    NEWYORKER: The God of Gamblers

  • The minister criticised shops selling alcohol at low prices that encouraged people without much money to drink "until they are really blitzed" and damaged their livers.

    BBC: Question Time

  • The venue makes its money by selling food and drink to players or by soliciting donations.

    FORBES: Busted

  • Household goods spending slumped by 9.2% year-on-year, while money spent on food and drink was down 2.2%.

    BBC: Consumer spending surveys give mixed messages

  • What about those of us who cherish good looks more than brains, virtue more than money, or a good drink over a good deed?

    FORBES: Foolish To Give Up On Gold Now

  • Critics have warned that the ban would punish the poor, who might try to save money by buying a larger drink to share—at the movies, for example.

    WSJ: Judge Halts New York City Soda Ban

  • At 60, shockingly gaunt from throat cancer and with his voice reduced to a rasp, he found himself back in Belfast, cadging money from friends for a drink and a copy of the Racing Post.

    ECONOMIST: Alex Higgins

  • Mr. KELLY BROWNELL (Director, Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, Yale University): Both the dairy and the soft drink industries are notorious for giving investigators money to do studies that typically find things favorable to the industry.

    NPR: Researchers Find Bias in Nutrition Studies

  • This figure includes everything from spectators spending money on accommodation and food and drink, to the funds invested in infrastructure improvement projects, Welsh firms supplying goods and services for the event, and the wider boost it will give to the Welsh tourism sector.

    BBC: Newport tees up for Ryder Cup boost

  • To separate the effects of money from the effects of diet and choice of drink, Dr Barefoot, Dr Gronbaek and their team analysed data from a group of subjects who possessed similar financial means and social standing.

    ECONOMIST: Alcohol and health

  • For that saving of money, saving of resources, means that we can both drink and be merry and also have a slice of beefsteak or romano on our hamburger whatever the season.

    FORBES: Tomatoland: Or Why I Wish Authors Would Read Books

  • Progresa, the main anti-poverty programme, is more forward-looking: for instance, families who get benefits must agree to send their children to school, and the money is handed to the women instead of the men, who tend to drink or gamble it away.

    ECONOMIST: The beginning of the end of the longest-ruling party | The

  • Tell how that executive made a ton of money for his company, took his wife on an all-you-can-drink Caribbean cruise with his bonus, and now won't stop evangelizing about how good the software is.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Fey was publicly honored by Adenauer, granted an additional 150, 000 marks in restoration money, and nominated for a prestigious university professorship in Bonn, while Malskat was left to drink bottled beer with the masons.

    FORBES: So You Think You Wouldn't Be Bamboozled By Lothar Malskat's Art Forgeries? [Book Excerpt #2]

  • "There is just so much money sloshing around and available for Internet businesses, " one guest told me conspiratorially as she quaffed her drink.

    CNN: She's on Top

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