• Mr Chavez has also ordered the army to commandeer privately-owned ships, trucks and aircraft to distribute fuel and food.

    ECONOMIST: The president orders the army to break a general strike

  • In a few years, most cars will probably be able to detect hazards ahead and commandeer the brake pedal.

    FORBES: Self-Driving Cars Will Take Over By 2040

  • Wealth and power are gradually transferred from those who earn it to those who use the system to commandeer it.

    FORBES: Makers, Takers And Wealth Transfer In The Modern Welfare State

  • We commandeer people to serve in the military, to serve on juries, and to file a return and pay their taxes.

    WSJ: ObamaCare's Heritage

  • Botnet attackers commandeer personal computers as part of a large network of "zombie" computers that, on command, target companies for spam attacks to cripple IT capabilities.

    CNN: Twitter message could be cyber criminal at work

  • On December 18th he issued a decree authorising the armed forces to commandeer any ships, trucks or planes they needed in order to transport urgent supplies.

    ECONOMIST: The pressure mounts on Chavez

  • George Bush's budget director, the brilliant and calculating Richard Darman, managed to commandeer virtually the entire domestic agenda from his post in the Old Executive Office Building.

    CNN: AllPolitics - TIME This Week

  • The lack of provisions in the uncleared areas is partly the Tigers' fault, claims the government: they commandeer the lorries for weeks at a time, disrupting supplies.

    ECONOMIST: The war the world is missing

  • Apart from campaign ads, however, the president himself can commandeer as much TV time as he wishes, although in the case of the long-winded Chavez, such appearances may not be vote-winners.

    CNN: Chavez clown prince of a decaying society

  • So while Congress can't commandeer the states to do its bidding, it can offer them more or less any bargain it likes and states have the choice to voluntarily accept the terms or not.

    WSJ: Review & Outlook: New Medicaid's Roach Motel

  • That's all we commandeer the people to do.

    WSJ: ObamaCare's Heritage

  • In theory, when someone unearths anything over 300 years old, he is supposed to contact the Directorate-General of Antiquities, which has three months to examine the object or site before deciding whether to commandeer it.

    ECONOMIST: A Phoenician statue for my coffee-table

  • Senior State Counselor Vincent Monda said prosecutors need to bring in witnesses from the British navy, Yemeni victims and seamen from the Danish cargo ship MV Powerful, which the suspects are charged with trying to commandeer.

    CNN: Somali men accused of piracy face January trial

  • After a round on the inflatable floating trampoline, jet-powered surfboards or James Bond-style underwater "sea bobs, " whoever's lucky enough to commandeer the master cabin can wash off in what Connor believes is the world's first yacht-board aromatherapy shower.


  • The half-dozen expedition ships that also visit each summer provide an opportunity for locals to ply their goods and make an income (and for the kids who managed to commandeer a Zodiac left on shore, a bit of summertime fun).

    BBC: Life in the fragile, frozen Arctic

  • Israel's finest were reduced to fighting from fortified positions and Hizbullah was given a free hand to intimidate Lebanese civilians, commandeer private homes and schools to use as firing positions and forward bases, and generally maintain the initiative in the fighting.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: The western way of war

  • The warnings came as part of an aggressive Obama administration campaign to draw attention to cybersecurity and to stir action to counter infiltrations and attacks that officials have said could allow foes to commandeer a nuclear-power plant or disrupt the financial system.

    WSJ: U.S. Official Cites Cyberattack Risks

  • Some employees are wondering how Marissa will feel if they commandeer the cubicle next to the new one they have been assigned, now that they can no longer work from home, so that they too can convert it into a nursery and bring their baby into the office?

    FORBES: Marissa Meyer at Yahoo! Declares: Face Time Is The Key

  • The chicken-hawks that populate the Congress clearly prefer to force private businessmen to booby trap their own hiring process, harming a lot of innocents in the process, while cowardly lawmakers remain safely in the rear with a gun at the backs of the private firms they commandeer to use as cannon fodder on the front lines of their mismanaged war on illegals.

    FORBES: E-Verify: Another Federal Assault On Freedom

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