• And women will never be deserving of equal pay on average until they meet the requirements I discussed.

    FORBES: American Employers are Waiting for You to Close the Wage Gap

  • The stock may be deserving of a higher multiple due to the substantial and growing levels of operating cash flow its business produces, and due to a generally positive growth outlook for its industry over the longer term.

    FORBES: Life for Sale

  • This potential new combination of Hollywood moguls, however, would be more deserving of that name.

    ECONOMIST: Vivendi Universal

  • What could be more deserving of a global-peace award?

    ECONOMIST: Diplomatic exchange

  • American and Iraqi officials have followed suit, but sometimes find that if they pay one tribe, a rival blows up the line and then claims to be more deserving of the protection money.

    ECONOMIST: Iraq's petrol shortages: Oil, oil, everywhere | The

  • Hagel will know that Congress is watching him distrustfully, that he will lack the authority and prestige of his other Cabinet colleagues, and that his first job in office must be to prove himself deserving of the job to which he was so grudgingly confirmed.

    CNN: Vote no and send a message to Hagel

  • Whether public pensions truly are as sophisticated at evaluating the risks and rewards related to complex privately offered investments as they claim to be is a question deserving of an answer sooner rather than later.

    FORBES: City Garbage Collectors Become Sophisticated Hedge Fund Investors

  • "My concern is that in pressing for some sort of designation for lands not protected yet, there may not be a mechanism to protect lands deserving of wilderness protection as designated wilderness, " he said.

    CNN: Nature - Babbitt pushes land protection initiative

  • The problem with such mandates is that they do not create rights for some so much as levy burdens on others, many of whom would be considered more deserving under more compelling criteria, in a manner hidden behind the veil of higher prices and fewer choices.

    FORBES: The Economics of President Obama's Immaculate Contraception

  • On pure literary merit, there may indeed be Chinese writers as or more deserving of the prize.

    ECONOMIST: The wanderer��s reward

  • But one would think that state court would consider such a monster case in US jurisprudence to be somewhat persuasive and at least deserving of some consideration.

    FORBES: Connect

  • "(His) evolution on this issue highlights how personal it is for Americans -- whether they're the junior senator from Ohio or your next-door neighbor, all Americans have a gay friend, colleague or family member, and understand them to be as deserving as their straight counterparts of the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that are the promise of the United States, " Angelo continued.

    CNN: Portman reversal highlights GOP generational split

  • What could be simpler, or more delightful, or more deserving of a museum, than a fairy tale?

    BBC: Today

  • The poorest countries, including the basket-cases of sub-Saharan Africa, are the most deserving by the test of need, but tend to be the worst governed.

    ECONOMIST: Development

  • The rebuke to Republicans was there to be heard: this was Mrs Obama asserting that the poor (or less than wealthy) can be just as deserving as the bosses whose hard work was the focus of so much attention at the Republican convention.

    ECONOMIST: The Democratic convention

  • This would suggest that the execs most deserving of celebrity status (and likely to succeed) should be the least likely to change jobs.

    FORBES: Ron Johnson, Marissa Mayer, and the Risks of Hiring a Celebrity CEO

  • No other feature film touched me as deeply as this film did, no other film had the raw emotional honesty, no other film had characters so flawed and so desperate and so deserving of redemption, and no other film managed to still be so funny and entertaining and uplifting despite so much heartache and pain.

    FORBES: The Best Films Of 2012 - Updated

  • Debra called Littrell's gesture "amazing" and thinks Michael will be honored he was chosen to be the keeper of the prayer book until it is his time to entrust it to another deserving soldier.

    WSJ: Prayer book has 150-year history with NY warriors

  • While the United States may have arguments with its allies about the share of the burden for the common defense they bear, and while it may be possible to insist that they bear more of it, South Korea is arguably among the least deserving of such criticism.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center for Security Policy | Must History Repeat Itself? Congress Should Not Invite North Korean Aggression

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