• Most manufacturing methods are based on bulk optical assembly using multiple technologies that require different assembly steps and expertise.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • He lists manufacturing jobs as a leading example, saying that well-paid assembly jobs that require modest training and only a high school diploma or less are a thing of the past.

    FORBES: Jobs Outlook: Careers Headed For The Trash Pile

  • Although he has been described as Jersey's Foreign Minister, he is not officially listed as such on the States Assembly website as all new ministerial appointments require approval from the States Assembly.

    BBC: Jersey's foreign minister role criticised

  • Assembly bill 3221 would require pet restraints in cars for dogs and cats.

    FORBES: New Jersey Goes to the Dogs

  • That would require an assembly bill.

    BBC: Northern Ireland assembly to put Antarctic powers on ice

  • The assembly has also used this power to require more female candidates and today over a third of the judges on the court are women.

    ECONOMIST: How to choose a judge

  • This autumn, the National Assembly is due to vote on proposals to require only a 0.005% stake (down from 0.01%) to table a motion, and to require financial institutions to appoint at least half of their directors from outside the group.

    ECONOMIST: South Korean finance

  • The deputy leader of Plaid Cymru, Helen Mary Jones, says no plan like this could go ahead without the consent of the Welsh Assembly Government and the assembly itself, and she hints their approval might require money.

    BBC: Enterprise zones: Will an 80s revival really work?

  • Accomplishment of this task does not require military force, but rather, the assembly of a global coalition of Muslim opinion-leaders who can marginalize and ultimately discredit the ideology of hatred that underlies and animates terrorism.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Ex-president of Indonesia speaks at CSP press conf

  • The big reforms require a two-thirds majority in the UN's general assembly, and no veto by any of the five permanent members of the Security Council (America, Britain, China, France and Russia).

    ECONOMIST: Corruption at the heart of the United Nations | The

  • Regulations that the government alleges Wilson violated would require approval for the design, development, production, manufacture, assembly, operation, repair, testing, maintenance or modification of firearms including blueprints, drawings and plans, or just about every aspect required to print a gun using a 3-D printer.


  • The final assembly (which the customer does, Ikea-style, at home) doesn't require even a drop of glue.

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