• 变化,预示高等职业教育发展社会化被动适应转向主动适应局部适应转向全面适应

    This predicts that the development of higher vocational education and socialization may turn from passive adaptation to active adaptation, from partial one to an overall one.


  • 植树造林工作的开展,使西藏人民实现百年被动适应自然,进入主动改造自然质的飞跃

    Such afforestation efforts enabled the Tibetan people to achieve a qualitative leap from the centuries-old passive adaptation to natural conditions to remaking nature on their own initiative.


  • 结构采用一种地面被动适应技术使得腿部根据地面情况自动调整伸缩长度获得较为稳定支撑。

    The construction of the legs of the robot adopts a technology of passive terrain adaptation, which makes the legs adjust their length automatically in accordance with the condition of terrain.


  • 结论认为,我国中小银行资产扩张并非为了追求规模经济而是现行金融制度环境自身经营机制被动适应

    It gets the conclusion that SMB's assets expansion is not based on the scale economy but on a passive response to the current finance institutional environment and the operating mechanism.


  • 一新模式以往会计实践中的狭隘视野微观计量被动适应理念形成冲击

    This new pattern shocks the idea of narrow vision, microscopic measurement and passive adaptation in traditional accounting practice.


  • 会计人员会计科学发展推动者,又是不断发展被动适应者,客观上要求会计人员具备会计科学不断发展知识能力

    Accountants are both promoter of accounting science and its adapter, which objectively demands that accountant should have ability to adapt to consistent development of accounting science.


  • 本文认为高校招生制度历史演变高等教育体系内部变化外部环境主动调节被动适应的直接反映。

    This paper argues that evolution of university recruitment system in China is the consequence of the higher education's adjustment to the inner and outer environmental changes.


  • 私营金融业对于新政府出台的一系列相关政策及其具体实施既有被动适应,也有交涉积极主动应对。

    The private financial industry acted both passively and actively towards a series of policies of the new government and their implementation.


  • 千百万年来,人类都是被动适应这个赖以生存自然环境建筑自然共生共融

    Millions of years, humans are passive adaptation to the survival of the natural environment, architectural harmony with nature.


  • 城市少数民族迁移者并不只是被动适应城市他们就业创业过程城市做出巨大贡献

    The urban minority migrants do not adapt passively to city life. On the contrary, they have contributed greatly to the city in their course of seeking employment and starting business.


  • 针对这种情况目前主要采用事后调整方式优化生产过程被动适应瓶颈动态变化

    Aiming at this situation, present researches mainly apply afterwards control to optimize production process to passively adapt to bottleneck changes.


  • 营造生活时,我们精力被分散太多的地方我们只是被动适应不会主动行动我们自己也不愿意尽心尽力营造我们生活

    We build our lives in a distracted way, reacting rather than acting, willing to put up less than best.


  • 人才资源作为人力资源核心,已经不再被动适应组织而是具有更多自主权

    Talents resources as the core of human resources, are no longer adapt to organizations passively, but have more autonomy.


  • 动物没有觉性,只能被动适应生存环境

    Lacking in awareness, animals have to passively adapt themselves to the living environments.


  • 这种“应然”的解释逻辑忽略这样一个重要问题居委会并不仅仅被动的“适应者”,也是具有自我理性的“行动者”。

    This logic ignore this important problem: neighborhood committee is not only a passive adaptor , but also an actor has its own rationality.


  • 智能Web应用程序结束了过去传统Web应用程序只能让用户被动地去适应千篇一律服务的时代,它把我们带入了可以依据不同用户需求用户提供个性化服务的新时代。

    Smart Web applications provide personalized services to the user instead of providing a similar service to every user, as in conventional Web applications.


  • 数值结果表明,施加适应被动控制后,分离长度减小为无控制45%,控制区域的恢复系数流场均匀性提高

    The numerical results show that with the adaptive passive control, the separation bubble length was reduced to 45% of its original length, and the low total pressure recovery coefficient was improved.


  • 传统被动防护不能适应当前的安全形势纵深防御主动防御应势而生。

    Traditional passive protection can't adapt to this new situation, then enhanced defense and proactive defense are proposed.


  • 社会化角度来看大学生兼职行为个体社会化过程被动选择主动适应社会过程

    From the view of social, part-time students of individual social behavior is the process, is the choice of passive and active social adjustment process.


  • 传统被动防护不能适应当前安全形势主动性网络安全检测评估理论应运而生

    The traditional passive defense can not meet the current security situation, so proactive network security test and evaluation theory emerges as the times require.


  • 心理适应包括主动被动消极积极内部外部狭义广义不同类型

    The mental adaptation includes different types, such as active and passive, internal and external, narrowly sensed and broadly senses ect.


  • 过去我们国家安全政策主动适应变化不是被动改变时候,美利坚合众国总是能变得兴旺发达

    In the past, the United States has thrived when both our nation and our national security policy have adapted to shape change instead of being shaped by it.


  • 传统“等米下锅”被动组稿方式不能适应时代发展要求。

    Traditional modes of treating contributions on equality basis fails to keep abreast of the times.


  • 那么更好做法就是回到适应设计通过被动技术提供舒适室内环境

    Better, then, to return to adaptive design that uses passive techniques to provide comfortable interior conditions.


  • 建筑起源就是人类适应气候所做出被动策略一步

    Origin of the building is made of human adaptation to climate in the passive strategy the first step.


  • 传统地面车辆普遍采用被动悬挂系统不能主动适应车辆行驶状况外界激励变化,大大制约了车辆性能的进一步改善

    Conventional vehicle usually adopt the passive suspension system which can't adapt to the chance of situation of road and running, so it's very hard to have an improvement for vehicle's function;


  • 研究仅有方位角测量信息的单被动传感器机动目标适应跟踪方法

    Self adaptive tracking algorithm for maneuvering targets by high-sampling-rate bearing-only passive sensor is investigated.


  • 研究仅有方位角测量信息的单被动传感器机动目标适应跟踪方法

    Self adaptive tracking algorithm for maneuvering targets by high-sampling-rate bearing-only passive sensor is investigated.


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