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late(a) 添加释义



  • adj.
    • being or occurring at an advanced period of time or after a usual or expected time

      "late evening"; " late 18th century"; " a late movie"; " took a late flight"; " had a late breakfast"

    • after the expected or usual time; delayed

      "a belated birthday card"; " I'm late for the plane"; " the train is late"

      同义词: belated tardy

    • of the immediate past or just previous to the present time

      "a late development"; " their late quarrel"

      同义词: recent

    • having died recently

      "her late husband"

    • of a later stage in the development of a language or literature; used especially of dead languages
    • at or toward an end or late period or stage of development

      "the late phase of feudalism"; " a later symptom of the disease"; " later medical science could have saved the child"

      同义词: later(a)

    • (used especially of persons) of the immediate past

      "our late President is still very active"

      同义词: former(a) previous(a)

  • adv.
    • later than usual or than expected

      "the train arrived late"; " we awoke late"; " the children came late to school"; " I belatedly wished her a happy birthday"

      同义词: belatedly tardily

    • to an advanced time

      "talked late into the evening"

      同义词: deep

    • at an advanced age or stage

      "she married late"; " undertook the project late in her career"

    • in the recent past

      "lately the rules have been enforced"; " as late as yesterday she was fine"; " feeling better of late"

      同义词: recently lately of late latterly

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  • The Halles (Market Hall) and belfry in Brugge (late 13th century) is a typical example.



  • In the example above, Sam's assignment was late (a fact,) but her thought that "I'm a procrastinator" would only cause stress if she believed it.



  • But while PC processors remain Intel's biggest moneymaker, the company is often criticized for being unfashionably late (okay, a no-show) to the fast-growing smartphone and tablet market.



  • To combat the growing problem, Ensalaco said in late October the U.S.Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) initiated Operation Cross Country IV, a nationwide crackdown on human trafficking.

    VOA: standard.2009.11.13

  • Far from the rough gem that the young Ruth offered an unsuspecting baseball world, Bonds was born and raised to play the game by a father who was a big-league star (the late Bobby Bonds), a godfather who was an icon (Willie Mays) and a string of talented coaches.

    NPR: Barry and the Babe: Incomparable Performances

  • More importantly, it is still well above the support from late August (line a) in the 6, 875 area.

    FORBES: The Week Ahead: Should You Invest Overseas?

  • He is justifying his behaviour first to Customer Dave and then to Mike Krahulik on that one day, in a series of emails between the morning (threatening to block Dave from cancelling and reordering the controllers) and late evening (threatening Penny Arcade with a smear campaign).

    FORBES: Conclusion

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