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wastewater treatment 污水处理

waste water treatment

  • 废水处理,污水处理



...waste- water treatment plants ; flaring of ‧ from landfills; waste utilization for energy production; waste incineration; and development of regulations to control urban industrial pollution 其他还有一些措施,包括:大型综合畜牧企业废弃物利用和储存;有机废弃物堆制堆肥;使用卫生填埋法;从垃圾填埋场回收甲烷;废水处理;废水处理厂作业和维...



Waste Water Treatment 废水处理系统 ; 废水处理 ; 污水处理 ; 水

waste water treatment system 废水处理系统 ; 污水处理站 ; 处理系统

waste water treatment equipment 废水处理设备 ; 废水处理设施 ; 废水处理装置

oil waste water treatment 含油废水处理

waste water treatment project 污水治理工程 ; 污水处理项目

Waste Water treatment Engineering 水污染控制工程 ; 污水处理工程 ; 处理工程 ; 废水治理工程

Waste & Water treatment 污水废物处理

central waste water treatment 集中废水处理

waste water treatment of refinery 炼油厂污水处理

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    Photocatalytic degradation of organic contaminant is a promising technology of waste water treatment.


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    The indigo dye waste water is used traditional methods to achieve the ideal processing effect with so many difficulties that industry is always puzzled by the indigo waste water treatment.

    靛蓝染料废水采用传统的方法难以达到理想的处理效果。 因而,靛蓝废水治理一直是困扰水处理界的一大难题。

    参考来源 - 酸性靛蓝在ACF电极上的电化学脱色
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  • 废水处理系统
  • 废水处理
  • 废水处理
  • 废水处理



  • Buenos Aires and its suburbs have only three waste-water treatment plants for 10m residents, and often suffer flash floods that drench entire avenues.

    ECONOMIST: Argentina’s state-owned firms

  • Nafa Kalaf Al Janabie, an Iraqi-American praised by Mr Powell, is the president of Detroit Contracting, a waste-water treatment company that recently opened an office in Baghdad, where it hopes to benefit from American and United Nations contracts.

    ECONOMIST: Arab-Americans: That patronising tone | The

  • Because the company is a leader in its field of water and waste-water treatment in China, it has enjoyed access to bank financing in the past, and has even been able to raise capital in the United States by selling its shares on NASDAQ.

    FORBES: China's SMEs Access The Bond Market

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