• We want to respect that person's wish to go on living, we want to make life easier for them if we can with some kinds of assistance.


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  • If you're riding on a subway, a crowded train, and you wish to speak to your neighbor,


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  • Okay, have to stop there--might add a word or two-- but on Thursday we turn, I'm afraid with a certain awkwardness; I wish there were an intervening weekend, to Freud and Peter Brooks.


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  • And if you do wish to disclose your name, you certainly can, per the directions on this page.


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  • And I think sometimes on the teeter-totter of each of those three dimensions were teetering where I wish we were tottering a little more as our products are more complicated.


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  • There's nothing more exciting to see with your glasses on, while you look nice. You can take those off if you wish to, or you can try to just be splitting the light in the room until the TAs grab your glasses, either is fine.


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  • The climate out there is beautiful, especially if you feel that on a winter's day like today, you might wish you were in--some of you might wish you were there.


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  • From the various portraits and descriptions of Hobbes, we can tell he was a man of considerable charm, and I wish that in the book we had had his picture, a reproduction of his portrait, on it.


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  • Then later on, if I wish, I can establish a canon by saying certain texts have certain significance and those are the texts that I care about and want to read, but I can only do that if I can distinguish between meaning and significance.


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