• This temporary alienation from God is ultimately repaired through Moses' intense prayer and intercession.


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  • It's a mix of kind of permanent exhibitions and some temporary ones which come and go.


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  • We don't find this out until we get to the next line, that the "fruit" at the end of the line is only a kind of temporary resting place.


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  • HOLC is no longer with us; it was actually set up as a temporary corporation by the government.


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  • So the proposal that death is a matter of permanent cessation of P-functioning versus temporary, that doesn't seem like it's going to do the trick.


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  • So why don't we just have a temporary one.


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  • But no basileus has anything like the clout that the Mycenaean kings did, and of course we don't hear of any of them who have even the temporary special power that Agamemnon has.


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  • so I just networked everyone I knew, and then I found a temporary position,


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  • It's okay if you're not P-functioning, as long as your not P-functioning is temporary.


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  • Well, that's at least an improvement, because then we say, look, while you're asleep, even though there's no P-functioning going on, the lack of P-functioning is temporary, so you're still alive.


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  • Because of course,if I haven't had it no wonder I don't remember it but if I have had it,I would have been given that temporary sort of localized amnesia So of course I wouldn't know whether or not I've had it So you ask the nurse ?" "Have I had the operation yet or not?"


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  • No. Because A and B and even temp they were by nature local or temporary variables.


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  • It's reasonable because it's meant TMP for temporary purposes just to call it temp or T-M-P for short, X and I can define temp as -- why don't I set it as equal to X, initially, because now that I've stored X in a separate chunk of memory, I can now change its value and then I can say Y gets, not X, but temp, and so now I've actually swapped these values.


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temporary storage 暂时存储器;暂时库容;中间存储器

temporary work 临时工作;临时工程

temporary shelter 临时避难所;临时收容中心;临时安置所;临时庇护站

temporary construction 临时建筑工程;临时结构,临时构筑物

temporary job 临时性工作

temporary employment 短工

temporary file 暂时文件;暂存文件

temporary housing 临时住房,应急住宅;临时住宿

temporary suspension 暂停

temporary road 临时道路

temporary worker 临时工

temporary residence permit (card) 暂住证

temporary provisions 暂行规定

temporary protection 暂时保护

temporary block 暂时块;工作单元块

temporary certificate 临时证书

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