• Should we say of somebody who's fainted or knows that they're subject to fainting spells, they never actually believe that they pass out?


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  • And she looks like she's about to pass out because her bag is so filled with so many objects. I mean,


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  • If you take enough alcohol, it then goes down to inhibit the excitatory parts of your brain and then you fall on the floor and pass out.


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  • Of course, they believe they pass out.


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  • I've decided not to pass it out today because, after all, I want to get it into the right hands!


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  • It would go out of his sight, and then it would pass again going back down to the table.


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  • It means anybody using that little function get float doesn't have to worry about what's inside of it. So for example, I decide I want to change the message I print out, I don't have to change the function, I just pass in a different parameter.


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  • In order for it to get inside the cells and go through them there have to be transporters which specifically allow glucose to pass into the cell and then out into our body.


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  • And the commune, despite the fact that there's lots of-- you could hear in the distance the guns sometimes getting closer and closer, and attempts to break out fail miserably, they pass all sorts of impressive social legislation.


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  • You've got to spend the time to make sure that everything is well defined before you start trying to work out these problem More about the path. There are a couple ways you could go through that pass If I look at this smooth path here.


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  • If you moved quickly, you would die, you would just pass right out.


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  • X That's just the special symbol in C that says don't pass X, that is don't pass a copy of X. Rather figure out where x is in memory, where he is in that frame and provide swap the numeric address in RAM of that value so that swap can go do anything it wants at that address.


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  • Imagine a virus, for instance, that captured an animal's brain and then modified the animal's brain such that the animal would run out and bite other animals so as to pass on the virus.


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  • It says, if I want to print out something I built in Cartesian form up here, says, again, I'm going to pass it in a pointer to the instance, that self thing, and then I'm going to return a string that I combine together with an open self and close paren, a comma in the middle, and getting the x-value and the y-value and converting them into strings before I put the whole thing together.


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