• Our friend Schr?dinger told us that if you solve for the wave function, this is what the probability densities look like.


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  • So I look to myself and look at the past and see it as the motivation for me to move on.


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  • You can look at old exams, you can look at your homework, that's the kind of questions you can expect.


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  • When you look at political divisions in Israel, they don't... Though some are divided religiously, But if you look, let's say, Likud versus Labor.


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  • So yet once more -- and I promise this will be one of the last times that we look back at Milton's mask - but yet once more, let's look at Comus.


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  • And I want to spend a couple of minutes again reinforcing that. So if we look at that code and we were little more careful about this, what did we say to do? We said look an sorry.


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  • That's obvious when you look at neurons and it will be obvious when we look at other kinds of cells as well.


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  • So, here is his verbal ecstasy as he watches her: "Look," she said as she rode the bike beside me, one foot scraping the darkly glistening sidewalk. "Look. I've decided something.


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  • She's either made to look very good or she's made to look kind of ugly with this frizzy wig and they talk to her.


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  • Normally the errors don't look this complicated but they still look fairly arcane.


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  • And now we're asking you to look at krypton, so the atomic mass is 36. You can actually just grab that handout the second handout on the exam and look at the periodic table there. So, which of the following ions listed is isoelectronic with krypton?


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  • When Mike did the same experiment, Mike would look at the face or he would look at an object, there was no distinctions in these activities.


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  • Yes,on average, when you look at this group of 40 or 50 twins reared apart, when you look at the average, they are just about the same.


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  • But please try and look at--somebody's not looking at it, because they're using it as a fan here-- So look at Game 1 and fill out that form for me, okay?

    请大家看下游戏1 我知道有人没看,他们用那张纸扇风呢,快浏览下游戏1 然后填完 好吗

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  • And to try to explain why it was that absolute rule came to europe at the time it did, one has to not only look at the particular structures of states, but one has to look at the overview and the sheer horror of it all.


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  • If you look up on the internet, Liverpool, and look up a video of somebody speaking from Liverpool,


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  • I mean, look up some people but you also probably not look up your cellphone.


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  • If you look at Milwaukee, the employment figures don't look that much different than Los Angeles.


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  • now let's go back to each of our individual steps and look, based on what we know about how to evaluate the thermodynamic changes that take place here, let's look at each one of the steps and see what happens.


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  • There is a bias toward boys or a bias against girls there So you have to look at a lot of things about websites and software You have to look at gender, you have to look at nationality, language, accessibility, so major for issues.


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  • I cannot even make it look hard because I have memorized this problem from childhood, so there is no way I can make this look difficult.


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  • But in China the numbers look like this, and in India they look this.


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  • If you take one of those individual grains of sodium chloride, look at it carefully, you will see the edges look like this.


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  • And then when you are out in nature, you can be really like I could die, you know, look at Katrina, look at all these things.


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  • And you can look at it, and let's in fact take a look at it to see what it does.


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  • And I look broadly, I look to othe people, ? I look to other things: So what can I do now?


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  • Now, some people attempted to look at this the wrong way and say, "Look. What a weird topic, morality.


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  • Well, if we look back at the code here, take a look at what we're really doing.


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  • So they are trying to take the criteria that are already well established and human rights and saying we need to look again at what is torture, we need to look at imprisonment we need to look at all sorts of things related to human dignity.


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  • The outcome we believe I think, is that imperfect competition should look something between monopoly and perfect competition, it shouldn't look like perfect competition.


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look at v. 看;考虑;着眼于

look for 寻找

look forward 期待;盼望

take a look 看一下

have a look 看一下,看一眼;看一看

look into 观察;窥视;浏览

look up 仰望;查阅;尊敬;拜访

look after 照顾;关心;目送

look back 回顾;回头看

look in 看望;顺道访问

take a look at [口]看一看;检查

look on 观看,旁观;看待

look around 游览;到处察看;到处寻找

have a look at 看一看,看一眼

look upon 看待;把…看作

look out 注意;面朝;照料

look good 看起来很好看

look down 俯视;向下看;用目光慑服某人;[股]看跌

new look 新面目,新气象

look as 把…看作

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