• So, Hartman and Fish have forwarded two perfectly ingenious theories of Milton's similes, and they've had a tremendous impact, rightly, on generations now of readers of Milton.


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  • So, this is just one example of how these properties can already, even our understanding just talking about single atoms, can already make an impact in these biological systems.


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  • So,after taking into account the market impact, and the commissions,and the fees, this zero-sum game becomes a negative-sum game.


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  • This first slide shows a graph of the impact of having metabolic syndrome on heart disease and its consequences.


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  • And it was when I realized the impact that it had on me that I decided to share it with others.


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  • I hope it gave you a sense of its communal ethiC as opposed to an individual morality, the idea that the actions of every individual have an impact on society as a whole.


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  • Well, I would certainly never have make a career out of philosophy, if I have focused on issues that didn't have any impact on our lives.


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  • So, if you could make automobiles with a high magnesium content, you would reduce the mass, reduce the energy required, and thereby reduce the environmental impact.


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  • In fact, it's interesting to note that the first calculation on the impact of CO2 on climate was done in the late 1800's by Arrhenius.


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  • At this point in our reading of Milton, I think these lines have an amazing impact.


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  • And we'll talk about the impact of what this happened, there were obvious impacts, but what happened on civil society and on politics.


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  • So there's kind of this idea that attractive people, their feedback to us has more impact.


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  • I would say that typically their impact was greater in the west and the north than it was in the east and the south.


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  • There's now an environmental history being written of the impact of the Market Revolution.


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  • It's too early to tell what the impact on learning will be from open course ware but we know from messages people have sent us that educators see tremendous value in being able to use the site to build work upon others.


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  • .. For example, I would have... But this is just political kabuki, it's meaningless Yeah, and the magnitude is going to be small, ... the impact on the economy, ...to get these checks until what, July?


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