• He's accomplished his ministerial duty as a zealous and a politically oriented poet, and now he's earned the right to dally with false surmise.


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  • So if you wanna do something conditionally, you generally needs to ask the question, is the following true or false.


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  • All right, and initially, well, maybe initially, momentum just to be simple I'm going to start false momentum equal to false.


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  • The difficulty with reading Machiavelli today is that we all think we already know what he knows and that is false.


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  • Think of all the insurrections or all the people who followed false czars to utter slaughter in Russia.


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  • That's what the serpent omitted in his speech. He said If you eat of that fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, It's true in one sense but it's false in another.


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  • Pseudonymous means it's published with a false name, a false author attributed.


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  • So, taking just the outermost electron might give us some false readings.


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  • And deception defined broadly is simply to act or be in some way that fools others into believing or thinking or responding to something that's false.


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  • This is palpably false because here's the poet praising her, right?


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  • It can true,it can be false,and so on.


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  • There are also false stereotypes about Americans.


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  • So even though we think of conditions as being Boolean values true or false, really underneath the hood true means anything other than zero.


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  • false It's going to return true if it's a PAIL-indrome and false if it's a PAL-indrome. And it says true. Now maybe you're bugged by this.


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  • There's this notion of a Boolean value named after Mr. Bool, which is just a notion of true or false.


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  • I think,as far as I can see,that the claim we all die alone, however we interpret it,just ends up being implausible or false.


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  • swap I'm going to keep track of a little variable called swap, it's initially true, and as long as it's true, I'm going to keep going, but inside of the loop I'm going to set it to false, and only if I do a swap will I set it to true.


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  • Specifically you'll see that the rationale for observing the Sabbath is different. God's name in Deuteronomy 5 is not to be used in a vain oath as opposed to a false oath. There are differences in the meaning.


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  • Another sort of task, which is a task that's been done hundreds, perhaps thousands of times, is known as "the false-belief task" and here's the idea.


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  • That's all about a wrong god anyway. It's about a false god.


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  • This seems to me to be just patently false.


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  • And this puzzle piece here colored in blue because it's a Boolean expression is just something that--whose answer is either a yes or no, 0 true or false, one or zero.


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  • Shelly Kagan But if neither of us is Shelly Kagan, then the simple original personality theory was false.


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  • Although I guess there have been people who've made that sort of claim, it seems false to me.


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  • If you're not updating some variable by incrementing it or decrementing it -- if you're not changing anything, presumably the conditions are never going to evaluate to false or the opposite, so you're just going to have an infinite loop, which might be your goal, but odds are it's not.


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  • This is just a little inelegant and so one of the things we'll introduce early on is this idea of abstraction or design whereby if you wanna represent the ideas of 0 and 1, true or false, well, let's give them a synonym like true or false.


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  • Let's not just arbitrarily say the number 0 is false, the number 1 is true.


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  • So if somebody comes along and says No,no,everybody dies alone, and dying as part of a joint undertaking is impossible, they're just saying something false.


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  • Now,it turns out that that assumption, standardly built into the usual label,may be false.


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false alarm 假警报;引起一场空喜欢的人

false positive 假阳性

false alarm rate 火灾误报率;误警率;虚率

false statement 假语句;假命题;不实报表;虚假声明

false impression 错觉;虚假印象

false friend 假朋友,不忠实的朋友

false negative 伪阴性

false teeth 假牙(false tooth的复数)

false start 不成功的开始;偷跑

false hope 假希望

false image 误像;虚像

false tooth 假牙;义牙

false belief 错误信念

false step n. 失足;摔倒;愚蠢的行为

false claim [经]无根据的债权

false move 失足;错误行动

false acceptance 误接受,错误验收

false bottom n. (船只,箱子,抽屉等夹层的)假底,活底 , adj. 活底的

false imprisonment n. 非法监禁

false eyelashes 假睫毛

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