• The poem's connection to music signifies the difference in point of view in these poems from reasoned speech.


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  • And the accounting unfortunately at that point in general wasn't really able to reflect that difference


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  • So notice a difference in these structures, is this has an n h bond whereas this has an o h bond.


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  • At one level, you might say there is an important difference in style that you will see almost immediately.


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  • You see the difference in electronegativity, square it, multiply it by one-quarter and raise that to the power e.


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  • One of the initial things that Keyes found is that there was as much as a ten-fold difference in rates of coronary disease.


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  • Then this moving this around here, and it will give us a sense of the difference in style between pop music and classical music.


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  • It does show that people possess these stereotypes that make a difference in their real-world behavior.


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  • Their difference divided by the difference in times is going to be the acceleration.


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  • It's up to you to make that difference in your life.


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  • the winner is the person whose number is closest to 2/3 times the average The winner will win $5 minus the difference in pennies between her choice and that two-thirds of the average."


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  • They'd be different in each of us and that leads to the difference in the diversity between people.


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  • Notice the difference. The recipe, the sequence of instructions, is actually getting read in, and it's treated just like data.


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  • And I think through philosophy, we can think about those issues and values in a deep way that can help us and others to find the way in which we can make a difference to the world.


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  • Appeal to a physical body suffices, I think, to have an explanation as to the difference between an animated and an inanimate body, how bodies will move in nonrandom ways.


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  • We are free and equal in the state of nature he makes the point that there is a difference between a state of liberty and a state of license.


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  • You remember in the first lecture I said there's a difference between the history of criticism and theory of literature, one difference being that the history of criticism has a great deal to do with literary evaluation: that is to say, why do we care about literature and how can we find means of saying that it's good or not good?


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  • You said you're from Romania. Can you describe the difference between people here and in Romania?


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  • Note the difference in Genesis.


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  • But, when you move from lending money to the government -either short-term with bills or longer term with bonds -to investing in the equity market, there's a stunning difference in terms of the returns.


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  • But you need to be able to predict what kind of properties a certain atom's going to have within a molecule, whether you're talking about something, for example, that's very electronegative, or something that is not electronegative at all, it is going to make a difference in terms of thinking about how molecules are structured and also how they interact with other molecules.


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  • First of all, as I said, this class is a class about making a difference in people's lives.


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  • And the functionality goes as the square of the difference in electronegativity.


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  • This doesn't seem to make much of a difference in language learning.


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  • What's the difference in there?


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  • You can't think that it really could make so much difference in the real world how prices and quantitie and welfare, and profit is going to work out depending on some thought experiment about how I think about my strategy set.

    你们很难想象在现实世界里,价格 产量 福利和利润会因为,不同策略集合设定下的思想实验,而产生如此巨大的变化

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  • I take the difference in the x-values, squared, the difference in the y-values, squared, add them up, take the square root of that.


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  • In fact, sometimes I think that in so far if there is an ethical difference, it favors the lethal injection.


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  • So, this raises kind of an interesting question in terms of what the difference is between these two cases, and we're talking about numbers of energy.


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  • It's really the difference between perseverance in my case, and genius-- pure, unadulterated genius-- in the case of Chopin.


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