• Some people said, "Well, if they had consented to a lottery, it would be different. Then it would be all right."


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  • Now, if Parker did give his consent, would it be all right, do you think or not?


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  • I've decided that I need to be able, in my program, to swap the value of two variables. All right.


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  • All right, and initially, well, maybe initially, momentum just to be simple I'm going to start false momentum equal to false.


    麻省理工公开课 - 计算机科学及编程导论课程节选

  • Now, you know with constant volume, H now it's not going to be delta H that's U straightforward to measure, it's going to be dealt u, all right.


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  • If we have a high frequency, what about the wavelength, long or short? All right. Good. So we should always be able to keep these relationships in mind.


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  • And there will be plenty of information on the website and whatnot. All right.


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  • All right, the problem sets: there will be roughly ten problem sets and I'll talk about them more later on when I hand them out.


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  • All right. We have them here and they'll be passed around.


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  • But as theorists, we could be interested in the theoretical possibility that the right response is to not think about the facts of death at all.


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  • Well, the figure I saw last was a number too small to be mentioned; I mean, to say you just can't really say how much it is, but all right, two percent.


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  • It will include the syllabus which will occasionally be revised well and advance Also all of the class material will be on the site including copies of slides I'm presenting including this slides right now.


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  • We keep all sorts of secrets in our company; we don't want to be filing all of our information all the time and to have it go right up on the website on standard forms so that everyone can easily process it.


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  • No, it still wouldn't be right. - And tell us why it wouldn't be all right.


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  • If the cabin boy had agreed himself, and not under duress, as was added, then it would be all right to take his life to save the rest and even more people signed on to that idea.


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  • All right. So please raise your hand now if you think there'll be sufficient energy to eject electrons from the metal surface?


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  • You're all going to be great chefs by the time you're done here. All right?


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  • All right, so we're going to be doing more thermodynamics processes.


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  • All right, so it might be that again, the problem with enforcement, although actually in 1880 America, it's not clear that they couldn't have enforced that contract.


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  • All right. So let's do an in-class problem, and this will be done with zinc.


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