• When Hex gets offered the chance to clear his own name by stopping Turnbull from using terror to launch a new civil war, it is an offer the bounty hunter can not turn down.

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  • So we'll have to turn down the other mike a bit.


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  • or NYU or Harvard or Yale. I wouldn't turn down a job there.


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  • I want to turn loose my hold on everything, and go sailing down,down, just like one of those poor,tired leaves."

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  • It occurred to me here I could take that theme and turn it upside down against itself and it would work.


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  • On this day, a line of 100 people waiting to turn in their cans snakes down the block.

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  • So, we know it's going to go up and turn around and come down.


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  • Thai stocks closed down two percent,Wednesday. Despite the dip in Thailand's stock exchange, Cohen says the country's gross domestic product has shown good signs of recovering, along with the rest of Asia, from the global down-turn.

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  • Why does a particular maiden turn our wits upside down?


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  • These signaling proteins play important roles in determining how many cells differentiate down particular pathways and they turn out also to be very useful for treating diseases of those pathways.


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  • It turns out that it didn't turn into World War III and -maybe they did shut down the housing or they must have curtailed it, but it created that boom.


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  • You just turn the volume down a little bit so we'll go on.


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  • Turn it down just a little bit, Lynda, please.


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  • The nucleotide has a directionality, there's an up and a down to it and it's going to turn out the chain that's formed by polymerizing these has a directionality as well and that's important in defining the structure.


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turndown ratio 调节比;极限负荷比

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