• Oil and gas was found in nineteen sixty-eight near Prudhoe Bay on the North Slope of Alaska.

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  • And what he found here, which is what you can see and we can all see pretty clearly, is the slope of all of these lines is the same regardless of what the type of metal is.


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  • It's across the street from the Park Slope Food Co-op, which is like, it's been there for 40 years, and


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  • Organizers in Vancouver say the athletes will notice very little difference between a natural ski slope and the one that has been built for the games.

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  • Up a trackless slope climbs the master artist, and at the top, on a windy ridge, whom do you think he meets?


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  • We don't want to get the Supreme Court into making fine distinctions about what is better than others, because that will lead us down a slippery slope.

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  • Well, I can, for any given case, measure the pressure, determine the entropy and I'll know what the slope of change will be.


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  • It is a slippery slope. And, we're not careful, before we know it all of us will be in a much more dire situation."

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  • The budget constraint is a straight line through this point with a slope of .


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  • Army commandos dropped from a helicopter examined the mangled and burnt wreckage on the slope of a heavily-forested hill, in an area infested with Maoist rebels.

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  • Yeah, or it's... I guess it's twice the slope but that's fair enough.


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  • Mr.Obama,due to chaira special U.N.Security Council session Wednesday on nuclear disarmament, said nuclear actions by Iran and North Korea threaten to take the world down a "dangerous slope" toward uncontrolled proliferation.

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  • Raise your hand. And the rest of you,when you go-- on the north shore--north slope of the acropolis, beyond the agora, there is the area of Athens known as the Plaka.


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  • I don't know how well you can see it in this figure here, is the slope of a straight line connecting these two points, and as the points come closer and closer, the straight line would become tangent to the curve.


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  • So the slope of the guess is the first derivative.


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  • but there's Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, Park Slope which are very similar.


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  • Park Slope would be like more of like a family neighborhood.


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  • Park Slope, Williamsburg that have a lot of different cultural,


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  • Now these quantities were useful because you could relate them. The slope of changes, with respect to volume or temperature of the energy with respect to quantities that you understood, that you could measure.


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  • The budget constraint is going to have a different slope to it and preferences will be different over this horizon between consumption then and consumption now.


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  • Because we can take our interpolation here our linear interpolation the slope of this line.


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  • It's half the slope of the price.


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  • is the slope of this line.


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  • How far along do I have to go drop off a - c when I have slope -2b?


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  • This is the slope. f is just the limit.


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  • Well look, here I have a line of slope -2b.


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  • And so the slope of this thing is f at the triple point, which is this point here, this is the temperature of the triple point of water, f divided by 273.16. That's the slope of that line.


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  • Tangent means that it has the same slope, it just touches the efficient portfolio frontier for risky assets at one point, and the slope of the efficient portfolio frontier, including the riskless asset, is a straight line that goes through the tangency point, here.


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  • As we know, this line here has twice the slope of the original line of the demand curve, so the slope of this thing is -2b.


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  • And the slope is called beta.


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slope stability 坡面稳定性

rock slope 岩石边坡;石坡;岩石坡;石流坡

slope protection 边坡保护,护坡;护坡工程

side slope 边坡;侧坡;侧面斜坡

steep slope 陡坡,急坡;高倾斜

slope angle 斜角;倾斜角;坡度角

north slope 阿拉斯加北坡;北坡油田

gentle slope 缓坡;平缓坡度;平缓倾斜

slope failure 边坡破坏;滑坡;山泥倾泻;斜坡崩塌

northern slope 北坡(美国阿拉斯加州北冰洋之间)

at the slope [英国英语](士兵)扛着枪;(枪)在扛着  

continental slope 大陆坡

longitudinal slope 纵坡;纵向坡度

slope efficiency 斜率效能;斜度效率

slippery slope n. 灾难性的急剧下滑

slope toe 坡脚

abrupt slope 陡坡

upstream slope 上游坡;上游坡度

unstable slope 不稳定斜坡,不稳定边坡;不稳坡

back slope 反向斜面;后坡

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