• "Houston,while you're looking that up, you might recognize what I have in my hand as the handle for the contingency sample return;

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  • That's got the lowest possible standard deviation of expected return and that's 25% stocks and 75% bonds with this sample period.


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  • Get loads of, you can sample the food which is nice.


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  • They include saxophonists Boney James and Dave Koz and pianist and composer Joe Sample.

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  • When you get--this is Rituparna, counting the leaves on a tree-- you can estimate, from a sample, the population expected values.


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  • There were small pieces of plastic in every sample.

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  • If you go to the course website there is a sample concept sheet that you'll be able to read.


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  • "Most of the paint brands that we looked at had at least one sample that was above ten thousand parts per million, which is over a hundred times the current U.S.standard."

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  • Do I go out to Harvard yard and take a random sample ? of sophomores to study meditation?


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  • "It has so much capability, so much more capability than any other vehicle, that I think we can start to contemplate missions like a Mars sample return, which requires a tremendous amount of lift capability because you've got to send a lander to Mars that still has enough propellant to return to Earth."

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  • The absence of this smaller region tells you that this sample came from a sickle patient.


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  • Sometimes, we hadso many people staying with us that every room was filled,with travelers, you know, folks livingout of their suitcases and hat casesand sample cases.

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  • You've got a sample of it on your handout.


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  • The handlers note where the scat is found and take a sample for analysis to determine if it is from a tiger and to check the animal's health.

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  • Do they get sample bottles coming in?


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  • The guest list for the dinner provided a sample. Among those seated in the State Dining Room were the first two Muslims elected to the U.S.Congress Keith Ellison and Andre Carson.

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  • Some of the sample was Jewish.


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  • I had my suspicions about the milkshake, and so I took a sample and I rushed it down to the lab.


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  • And I say if you took a random sample of the Americans: "When you woke up in the middle of the night" and said: "What does the America stand for?"


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  • There's also another variance measure, which we use in the sample-- There's also another variance measure, which is for the sample.


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  • We can define it in a couple of different ways depending on whether we're talking about sample mean or population mean.


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  • So what researchers do is they hope to get enough people in a sample, where overall, you hope to be capturing normal intake.


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  • That means--his calculations are very different than the ones I have because he has a much longer sample period.


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  • There's another sample which is in Russia, part of the former Soviet Union, where there are samples that were stored.


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  • Most people in the sample were Christian and about 96% of Christians said, "When I die I'm going to go to Heaven."


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  • And, in fact there's a technique of analysis used today that's called Rutherford back scattering where people actually saw that this is a means of identifying the substance, the sample.


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  • Also today, one of the teaching fellows will be sending out a sample concept sheet, although you may have already seen it from the website, but in addition to that, a series of instructions.


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  • ll look at research and read research about other people, about large sample sizes.


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  • Now, he's using a much longer sample than I did, so he's not going to get this tangency portfolio that I did.


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  • You don't have to count all the leaves on the tree, you can take a sample and you count that and then you multiply.


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sample preparation 样品制备;样品处理;样品加工

sample data 样本数据;抽样资料

sample size 样本量;样本大小

small sample 小样本,小试样;小包货样

water sample 水样

standard sample 标准样品

sample survey 抽样检查;先行甸;样品鉴定

test sample 试样;试棒

random sample 随机样本;随意抽取调查;随机样品

blood sample 血液样本;血样;血液样品

soil sample 土壤样本

sample design 样品设计

sample solution 样品溶液,试料溶液

core sample 矿样;岩芯样本;土芯样本

sample order 照样品定货;试购

sample space 样本空间;试样空间;取样空间

representative sample 代表性样本

sample room 样品间;样品陈列室

control sample 对照试样

sample introduction 进样;样品导入

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