• But if the monsoon is very strong, the trees affected by that monsoon might put on a wide ring for that year.

    VOA: special.2010.05.25

  • He is the secret head of a large illegal gambling ring which use the computer for its operations.


    哈佛公开课 - 计算机科学课程节选

  • But I bought last year for my girlfriend a very nice diamond ring.


    强烈推荐购物 - SpeakingMax英语口语达人

  • Demong says he had the ring for a while, but thought Thursday was the right time to ask.

    VOA: standard.2010.02.27

  • And a soccer ring for kids to play in.

    VOA: standard.2010.06.19

  • He had ousted a group called the Tweed Ring, which controlled New York City politics for years.

    VOA: special.2010.03.04

  • The writers for W.W.E.programs create stories about what goes on among the competitors outside the ring.

    VOA: special.2010.02.19

  • Three of the awards were for this hit song, "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)."

    VOA: special.2010.02.05

  • "Because I had just gone through it, I knew how that was going to ring true for so many women."

    VOA: standard.2010.04.30

  • She's in the running for Song Of The Year for "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It),"

    VOA: standard.2010.01.25

  • "You are going to see an uplift of forces come in and I think you'll start to see this tightening ring of security in and around Kandahar city that I think will then provide the security bubble for governance to start to take in and development to start to take root in Kandahar city."

    VOA: standard.2010.05.26

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