• The owner of Sun Records, Sam Phillips,had been looking for a white performer who could sing black rhythm and blues.

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  • The covenant also entails God's promise to restore the rhythm of life and nature and never again to destroy the earth.


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  • But it's something that if you learn enough about it, and you'll be able to find the rhythm


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  • His heartfelt,powerful, soulful singing helped establish him as one of the greatest rhythm and blues performers of all time.

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  • That's what they do. It's consonant, it's in major, it's high and, most important, the rhythm is very uncomplicated.


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  • He also listened to music that influenced his later singing, including country, rhythm and blues, and religious music.

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  • When I write or hear a rhythm, the writing becomes, for me, almost like music.


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  • Like many rhythm and blues artists of the day, he began his musical career singing in church choirs.

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  • But, you know, the formalists' own basic distinctions are dualistic, aren't they: the distinction between poetic and practical language, the distinction between plot and story, the distinction between rhythm and meter?


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  • It has won her five Grammy nominations including best new artist and best rhythm and blues album.

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  • No sooner has the speaker asked this question -- and you see this rhythm, this dynamic, appear continually throughout Lycidas - he asks the question, and then immediately he acknowledges the inadequacy of the question.


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  • Motown is known for its special sound that was influenced by jazz, gospel and rhythm and blues.

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  • With rhythm and in subsequent armies later in history, they used drums to maintain that technique.


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  • Performers of bebop left the traditional musical melody and played a song freely, with the music and rhythm that was felt at the time.

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  • It's the rhythm of the language.


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  • He was a success in many different kinds of music -- popular,country,religious, and rhythm and blues.

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  • As time goes on, we've developed ever more complex machines to study people and we've talked about some of these already: EKG machines, so an example of an electrical device that can be used to monitor a very elaborate function deep inside your body, the beating of your heart and the rhythm of your heart.


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  • He also liked the sound of the jazz and rhythm and blues performer Louis Jordan.

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  • And just to keep the rhythm going, we will have a test on Tuesday, the weekly quiz.


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  • He received a Pioneer Award from the Rhythm and Blues Foundation in nineteen ninety-three.

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  • We have to hear a rhythm and recognize it so we have a series of rhythms on the board up there.


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  • Country music was for white people, while black people performed rhythm and blues music.

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  • So here's what we find, and as you can see there -is this bass rhythm moving slowly or quickly?


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  • Usher discovered him. As the rhythm and blues star tells it, when they first met, Justin sang him an Usher song -- and sang it better.

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  • It's the rhythm.


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  • They were heroes." Today the State Department has a program called Rhythm Road.

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  • We're going to focus on the simple, salient things could be an instrument, could be an important rhythm.


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  • Her music is influenced by the sounds of pop,reggae, and rhythm and blues.

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  • I can go something like this and we would call that a rhythm superimposing longs and shorts different patterns, patterns that oftentimes repeat.


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  • Its powerful sounds made her move her body in rhythm with the music.

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circadian rhythm 生理节律;[化]近昼夜节律;日周期节律

sense of rhythm 节奏感;韵律感

sinus rhythm 窦性节律

growth rhythm 生长节律

rhythm and blues 节奏布鲁斯音乐

diurnal rhythm 昼间节率;昼夜节律

cardiac rhythm [医]心节律;[医]心搏节律

biological rhythm 生物节律

rhythm section [音](交响乐队中用以烘托乐曲节奏的)节奏乐器组

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