• And they will study whether it is involving in controlling sleep quantity alone, or also what scientists call the "wakefulness-behavioral drive."

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  • And the solution to this equation looks like this where it is written in terms of a quantity called a wavefunction.


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  • If you have a quantity which is constant over any closed path, that quantity is a thermodynamics state function.


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  • She said the new law will reward quality over quantity of care, creating a system that prevents diseases before more costly treatment is required.

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  • And we do so by a quantity called the average valence electron energy.


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  • The award recognizes the work of individuals who have helped human development by improving the quality, quantity or availability of food in the world.

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  • Total quantity being produced is less than would be produced under perfect competition, but more than would be produced under monopoly.


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  • Others are cutting back on the quantity of gold they buy and opting for ornaments of lesser weight.

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  • He had a famous phrase to express this idea, "The quantity of pleasure being equal, pushpin is as good as poetry."


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  • There's one quantity that's going to come out the same, no matter who is looking at the vector.


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  • All those things have to happen in an orderly fashion, in enough quantity in order for a particular cell to make a protein.


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  • So Firm 1 would be producing half its monopoly quantity and Firm 2 would be producing half its monopoly quantity.


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  • This quantity is exactly zero for an ideal gas and we'll discover why eventually it has to do with what we mean by an ideal gas it turns out.


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  • Again, how much quantity would Firm 2 have to produce in order to induce Firm 1's best response to be 0?


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  • So this will be the monopoly quantity for Firm 2 and this is the competitive quantity of Firm 1.


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  • It turns out that this quantity here, which is called eta of J the Joule free expansion parameter, is not quite zero.


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  • And if you do so, you will end up with 1.312 mega joules per mole for this quantity K.


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  • So Patrick, our manager of Pepsi believes that Coca-Cola is going to produce this quantity and he's agreed to produce this quantity.


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  • And we can go through and calculate the value of this quantity in parenthesis. And, when we do so, we get the value 2.18 times 10 to the minus 18 joules.


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  • How much quantity would Firm 2 have to produce in order to induce Firm 1 not to produce at all?


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  • Conversely, if Firm 1 shut down and Firm 2 produced its monopoly quantity that would maximize industry profits.


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  • In other words, we're taking advantage of the fact that we now know that quantity. In the case of the ideal gas we just have a simple model for it.


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  • OK, but in order to relate turning these physical knob to this quantity here, which we don't have a very good feel for, we've got to have a feel for the slopes.


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  • And, so you propose that there is no, that this derivative is zero, and that the internal energy is given simply by this quantity.


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  • So clearly, if we produce the monopoly quantity, by definition, the monopoly quantity maximizes total industry profits.


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  • That quantity in parenthesis, I have a mass which is a positive number. Something raised Something raised to the fourth power has got to be positive.


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  • So I should cheat and pick the quantity on my best response line that's much farther out so I'll produce more than my quantity.


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  • This is what makes cells different, the number and quantity of the genes that they express.


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  • And that implies that since the quantity we want is given by this quantity, which is zero times a constant, the quantity we want is also zero.


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  • It's important for you guys to know that everything you write down in the notebook or blackboard as a symbol is actually a measured quantity.


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quantity of 数量;流量

large quantity 大量;大数量

quality and quantity 质量和数量

in quantity 大量

quantity in 进货数量

a large quantity of adj. 大量的

small quantity 小量,少量

order quantity 订货量;订购量;订单数量

quantity of heat 热量

a great quantity of (接可数或不可数)大量

air quantity 气容量;通风量

a small quantity of 少量的

physical quantity 物理量

quantities of 许多……

production quantity 生产量

quantity of information 信息的量

heat quantity 热量

quantity discount 数量折扣,大批量折扣

electric quantity 电量

an unknown quantity 难预测的事;未知量

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