• The main work is called "One Candle,Candle Projection."

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  • Projection is, I have certain impulses I am uncomfortable with, so rather than own them myself, I project them to somebody else.


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  • What projection does is takes a desire from me and then puts it on somebody else heading outwards.


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  • One projection indicates that 23,000 jobs with direct or indirect ties to the space industry, could be lost in Florida within a year.

    VOA: standard.2010.03.18

  • And it stems from an obvious projection of the Protestant- Catholic tension onto Israelite history.


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  • "So I should say six point five per cent growth projection would be a very comfortable sort of target that the government can have."

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  • And, in fact, the proportion as you go from rat, cat, and monkey, humans— less and less of it is devoted to projection areas and there is more and more to other things.


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  • She is a malcontent, the dream-like projection of Cobb's dead wife.

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  • There is projection.


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  • The CBO projection is $7 trillion. The difference between the two estimates lies primarily in the fact that the CBO assumes the expiration of Bush administration-era tax cuts, while the White House is assuming that President Barack Obama will honor his pledge against allowing taxes to rise on families earning less than $250,000 a year.

    VOA: standard.2009.08.25

  • Now, So, you have these maps in your head but the thing to realize is— And these maps are part of your cortex, but the things to realize is that's an important part of what goes on in your brain but less than one quarter of the cortex contains these maps or projection areas.


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projection method 投影法

projection system 投影系统;投射系统

perspective projection 透视投影;中心投影法

projection screen 投影屏幕

projection matrix 投影矩阵;射影矩阵

map projection 地图投影

orthogonal projection 正投影,正交投影;正射影,正射投影

stereographic projection 球面投影;立体投影;球极平面投影;极射赤面投影

projection area [解剖]投射区

vertical projection 垂直投影;直立投影

projection technique 投射技术;投影技法

rear projection 背面投影;尾部投影

axonometric projection 轴侧投影;三向图

projection operator 投影算符;射影算子

horizontal projection 水平投影;水平射影

projection plane 投影平面;射影平面

projection welding 凸焊;凸出焊接

orthographic projection 正射投影

generalized projection 广义投影

back projection 背面放映合成,反射影

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