• "Maybe we will get married someday. Maybe we'll get matching tattoos someday.

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  • We talked about base pairing and how that leads to this process of hybridization or very specific matching between complimentary strands.


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  • She's always in perfect suits, you know, pastel colours, all matching.


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  • "We have had received the ballots boxes of the absentee and the movement of people so we are now waiting for the matching stage when we match the forms of the ballot boxes with the forms we have."

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  • Why don't we give Philip both the matching pair and give you each a pair of socks since he didn't get to wear this one, they are brand new, in fact, and a big round of applause for what I'm sure is a little difficult.


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  • It's great for string-matching problems of a whole variety.


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  • I got a better horoscope from The Onion actually: "Riding in a golf cart with snow cone in hand, you'll be tackled by two police officers this week after matching a composite caricature " of a suspected murderer."


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  • It has to do with the nature of this complementary binding between double stranded DNA and the fidelity of this base pair matching in forming stable DNA molecules.


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  • If there is no matching socks then what's gonna happen with Philip here?


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  • Look for matching sock.


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  • So the fact that line 9 did not match, if you find a matching sock which we didn't, that means we immediately jump to the else which is line 13 and so Philip now has to do what?


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  • If you find a matching sock which you didn't so then else.


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  • Or maybe I could donate bone marrow and those stem cells could be given to other people in the same way that blood can be given to other people by matching and making sure that immunologically my cells were compatible with you; there's a lot of interest in that.


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  • That's because you have to satisfy this base pair matching in order to have hydrogen bonding in each of the struts of the ladder in order to form a stable structure.


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color matching 配色;调色;色彩匹配;调整色差

pattern matching 模式匹配

template matching 模板匹配

impedance matching 阻抗匹配;感应淬火

matching principle 配合原则;收支对应原则

optimum matching 最佳匹配

matching network [计]匹配网络

matching circuit 匹配电路

matching test 配对测验,对照测验;匹配测验

matching parts [化]偶件;匹配部件

matching grant 等额津贴,半费资助;同额资助

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